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Mike Mussina (0–1, 13.50 ERA) vs. Ramon Ortiz (1–0, 2.57 ERA)

Carl Pavano, Andy Pettitte, Kei Igawa and Darrell Rasner were all very bad in their first starts of the season for the Yanks. Mike Mussina was horrible. The veteran of the Yanks rotation will look to get back on track tonight in the final game of the Yanks/Twins series in Minnesota.

Mussina will face off against Ramon Ortiz. Ortiz has teased fantasy and reality owners alike with his “potential,” for years. He came out strong with a win in his first decision, but the Orioles lineup he faced isn’t even a poor man’s version of the Yanks lineup.

I don’t know if there’s something in the water in Minneapolis (or St. Paul, not sure where the team stays), but the the Yanks have owned the Twins over the past couple years. In fact, the Twins are the only first round playoff opponent the Yanks have been able to get by since 2001. A win tonight would be a sweep, and a further mind-f*ck for the young twins who just can’t seem to figure the Yanks out.

In a Nutshell: A win and the Yanks are officially rolling. A quality start from Mussina and the pen is back in good shape heading out west.

Keys to the Game: For some reason, I’m not confident in Mussina tonight. He looked horrible last time out, and we could be in for more of the same. Joe needs to realize that he’s got his full pen at his disposal, and a day off tomorrow. If Mussina’s getting lit up don’t be afraid to stretch the pen a little bit before the game gets out of hand.

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by Brian on Apr 11 2007