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Jeremy Sowers (0–0, 2.08 ERA) vs. Kei Igawa (1–1, 7.84 ERA)

There could potentially be some fallout from last night’s 10–3 stomping of the Indians by the Yanks. Amidst the feel-good story of Chase Wright’s first major league win, and the bats absolutely pasting Jake Westbrook, the Indians biggest bat woke up. Travis Hafner came into the game batting .212 with 1 HR and 5 RBIs. Last night, he work up, and Kei Igawa is going to have to deal with a much more potent lineup when he takes the hill tonight. If Hafner finally wakes up, this lineup is very, very dangerous.

Igawa followed up a horrible start in his debut with a decent outing against Oakland. It’d sure be nice to get 7 innings out of him tonight, with Boston looming over the weekend.

In a nutshell: In Sowers’ last outing he walked 5 in 6 innings. The Yanks will punish this kid if he can’t find the plate and it’ll be another long night for the Indians’ pen.

Keis to the game: Igawa will face the most potent lineup he’s ever seen tonight. He needs to keep Sizemore off the bases, and Hafner out of the cheap seats. A nice, long start would go a long way for the Yanks over-worked pen.

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by Brian on Apr 18 2007