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pete-rose-jockey.jpgNotorious degenerate gambler, admitted amphetamine user and infamous underwear model Pete Rose has finally weighed in with his feelings on steroids in baseball. I don't know about you, but now that Charlie Hustle has fallen on the against-roids side of the fence, I feel a little more comfortable in vilifying the guys in the Mitchell Report.

According to Rose, steroid users have made a "mockery" of baseball. Oh, the irony.

The article doesn't discuss Rose's amphetamine use, but in this article from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Rose delves into the differences between greenies and roids. Here's a priceless quote: "If you did an analysis and compare them to steroids, one thing amphetamines aren't going to do is make you stronger." If I'm reading this correctly, and this guy's mind is made up of about 90% mush, so there's obviously room for interpretation, I believe he's saying that steroids are much worse because guys get stronger, and when you're stronger you can break records. Taking the "logic" one step further, amphetamines never helped anyone break any records. You know, because all amphetamines do is give you more energy. That's only really useful for when you're getting tired at the end of a season and you need a little boost to get up for games so you can tack on a few extra hits that might've been outs if you were tired. No records at stake there, right. How many of his 4,256 hits were fueled by greenies?

I love how guys like Rose and Canseco come out of the woodwork whenever there's someone else to step on. If you missed it, Canseco has been throwing stones in A-Rod's direction since before the Mitchell Report was released.

It's going to take a long time for this story to die down, even longer if they drag out every has-been to throw in his two cents. We can only hope that something, anything positive comes out of this fiasco. I'm starting to think that a public airing of MLB's dirty laundry was not the best course of action.
by Brian on Dec 19 2007
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