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As you know by now, the Red Sox/White Sox game in Chicago was rained out tonight. The game will be made up tomorrow as part of a day/night double header in the Windy City. Beckett and Schilling are scheduled to pitch, and if they make the starts, they'll still be in line to start games 2 and 3 of the Yankee series next week. Erin, from Blue Thoughts, and I, were batting some possibilities back and forth in her comments section about what would happen if tomorrow's double header was rained out as well. Her conclusion: "If there is a rainout tomorrow, this is going to get complicated."

Obviously, my first thought was who do I know in Illinois, and are they qualified to perform a rain dance. If the Sox get rained out tomorrow, they'll probably have to play 2 double headers in 2 days (the Red Sox have Monday off, but the White Sox play the D-Rays, so they couldn't extend the series another day). This is Boston's last trip into Chicago, so the game has to be played (Or I suppose they could pull one of those "Play it at the end of the season if it has a bearing on the playoffs" but I don't think they'd do that in this situation.) Either way, the Sox would then have to push Beckett and Schilling back another day, which means only one of them could pitch in the Yankee series (unless one pitched on three-days' rest, but that's doubtful at this point of the season). Sounds like great news for the Yanks, and it looks like the weather is probably going to make this happen. Thunderstorms are predicted all day and all night in Chicago for tomorrow.

Needless to day, I was happy. Then I thought to myself, wait a minute, Detroit isn't that far from Chicago. Low and behold, this is what Weather.com is showing for game time tomorrow night in Detroit:

weatherdetroit.gifHere's what will probably happen if the Yanks get rained out: A day/night double header on Saturday, probably pitched by Wang and Clemens. Then Phil Hughes on Sunday and Mike Mussina on Monday. Not a problem so far. Then game 1 against Boston would be Pettitte, and then we'd run into the problem. Either Clemens or Wang would have to come back on short rest for game 2, or someone else is going to have to make that start. Then for game 3 either Clemens or Wang could start. Probably Clemens. The big question is who would make that start in game 2, because unless one has an extremely short outing, I doubt Wang or Clemens would come back on short rest.

My vote, Ian Kennedy. I know it's a rough spot to bring the kid into, but sometimes rookies catch lightning in a bottle. I'd much rather have him come up and fill in than Karstens. I know what I'm going to get out of Karstens, absolutely nothing. Another possibility, and I shudder to even mention this name, but he did throw 6 scoreless innings in his last AAA start, is Kei Igawa. I'd hope the Yanks would have more sense than that, but you never know.

This series is huge, beyond huge. The season really is hanging in the balance, regardless of what the Yanks do in Detroit and the Sox do in Chicago. I don't want the pivotal game of that series decided by Karstens or Igawa. If we're going to go down, I at least want a fighting chance. I think Kennedy is the only option that gives us that. Before you think it, and trust me, I already have, the Bombers are not going to have Joba start a game. He's been working out of the pen too long, and if they were considering it, they'd have to shut him down now and get him ready. It's not going to happen.

Of course, the skies could clear, and we could have a baseball game tomorrow night, then all of this worrying would be for naught, but I wouldn't be me if I didn't spend at least a little time thinking about it. I love this game.
by Brian on Aug 24 2007
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