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In a word, NO! I found this rumor via Nyjer Please, it’s originally from the San Fran Gate. Proctor is the only reliable guy Joe is willing to use out of the pen. Johnson isn’t that much of an offensive upgrade over Phillips, in my opinion, and defensively, he can’t carry Andy’s jock. Let’s also not gloss over Proctor’s black magic ritual which has obviously turned the Yankee season around.

If the Yanks are going to move Proctor, they had better get back a legitimate upgrade at first, or a top-level prospect. Any team who needs bullpen help should covet Proctor’s live arm and experience. He’s turned his season around. Farnsworth, on the other hand, should be traded for anyone. I don’t care if the Yanks have to eat most of his contract and they get nothing but garbage (Rod Barajas) in return, Farnsworth must go.

by Brian on Jul 17 2007