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The Blogs By Fans left-coast recruiting trip has come to an end, and we’re proud to announce two new additions to the network. Rest assured, several NCAA recruiting violations occurred, we tampered and we weren’t shy about it.

The Cali representatives of our East Coast/West Coast blog death battle are El Lefty Malo and Blue Thoughts.

Elleftymalo0423El Lefty Malo was our first big splash in the free agent market. He comes to us from San Fran, and he’s a Giants season-ticket holder who’s been blogging since 2003. Any thoughts on Balco, Bonds, Barry, Barry or the Golden Gate Bridge, send them his way.  

If you’re wondering what a Lefy Malo is, here’s his explanation: “It's an ancient Mexican baseball insult. Eighteen years ago, I was pitching for my high school team in a tournament in Guadalajara, and two borrachos down the third-base line heckled me with the insult "Lefty Malo," a.k.a., Bad Lefty"

Welcome aboard Lefty!


After leaving San Fran, we traveled down the 5 to L.A. (No time for scenic drives, not on company time). Once there, we found Boston-transplant Erin. The first female BBF blogger will be covering the Dodgers and you can find her stuff at www.bluethoughts.com. Why is a transplanted Los Angelina covering the Dodgers, you ask? Well, all five native Los Angelinos were busy.

Erin still bleeds Red Sox green, but while living in L.A. she caught the Azul bug. Check out her coverage of Jackie Robinson Day here.

Erin is a diamond-in-the-rough, a home-grown prospect, cultivated in our developmental league and now a full-fledged member of BBF. Stop by Blue Thoughts and make sure she realizes that the Dodgers won’t have the NL’s best record for long.

Coming soon: The ball is rolling now, currently under development are Giggin’ On Ya, (yes, named after a Shaq single), written by Becky and Ben. Also, our youngest blogger, Rickhouse, is doing his thing, getting ready for the big time at Tremendous Upside Potential.

You can check out the upcoming blogs, they’re live for your enjoyment while we give them a new look and iron out the bugs.

If you’re an Indy blogger, looking for a friendly network to join, drop us a line at tryouts@blogsbyfans.com.

by Brian on Apr 23 2007