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Two semi-shocking, oddly-heartening, blessing-in-disguise bits of Yankee news hit the wires this afternoon.

Kei Igawa was sent down to Class A Tampa, and Scott Proctor was suspended four games for almost, nearly hitting Yuniesky Betancourt. Joe Torre also got suspended for one game, not for starting Igawa, but as part of the Proctor witch hunt.

The fact that Igawa was sent down shows that Big Stein’s ego is less important than winning, and that has not always been the case. Bringing in a $46M import, then pulling the plug after a month of the season takes gumption, it’s something Boston should do with Dice-K, but they won’t. Igawa needs some seasoning, and he needs to learn that hitters in America absolutely punish waist-high 90MPH fastballs.

The Proctor suspension is ridiculous. He didn’t hit the guy, MLB is now suspending players for intent. Proctor is appealing the suspension, but he probably shouldn’t be. They may knock a game or two off the suspension, but honestly, he could use the rest. He’s been overworked to the extreme, four days of R&R could be just what the doctor ordered.

Torre is serving his suspension tonight, making May 7, 2007 Don Mattingly’s managerial debut for the Bombers.

by Brian on May 7 2007