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badjuju0822.jpgI'm going to take the hit here. Obviously, the Yankee disaster last night was a direct result of my post earlier in the day. No team can hope to win when I put a monumental kibosh on them before the first pitch is even thrown.

Today, I'm turning over a new leaf. Nothing but positive vibes going out over this series of tubes (until game time, at least). Be forewarned, my rose-colored shades are firmly placed over my eyes, and I will not speak the names Farnsworth, Henn, Villone nor Mussina.

No long-winded preview tonight. Merely an apology to the die-hard Yankee fans out there who I let down yesterday, and some pertinent stats and facts which should make it clear to even the most downtrodden fan that the Yankees will win this game tonight, and will pick up a game on the Mariners (who already lost) and the Red Sox (who will soon lose to the D-Rays. Papelbon probably isn't available tonight, so Gagne should appear in the game for another meltdown.)

  • Andy Pettitte is 4-0, with a 2.25 ERA in his last four starts.
  • Pettitte is at his best after a Yankee loss (+.600 winning percentage)
  • Pettitte stopped the team's last mini-skid with a gem against the Tigers.
  • Joba is ready, willing and able to pitch two innings, if need be.
  • Mo is ready, willing and able to pitch two innings, if need be.
  • A-Rod is hot again, hot like he was in April.
  • The gods will undoubtedly reward us for staying up into the wee hours three straight nights to watch these games. They have to.
I'll be live blogging again, so join me back here at 10:00, when the Yanks will right the ship.
by Brian on Aug 22 2007
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