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Tonight is one of those nights where I wish I had 4 TiVos and absolutely nothing to do. The Sixers take on the Celts, and I’ll be watching (compulsory). The Yanks are finishing off their 3–game set with the Twins, and I’ll be TiVo’ing it to watch after the Sixers (compulsory). Dice-K is pitching his first game against a major-league team, in HD, on ESPN2, against Ichiro and the M’s and I have no idea how I’m going to manage to catch any of it. (K.C. is not a major league team, by my definition).

The Magic are playing the Pistons on ESPN, and I’d like to watch. (I know I said I wouldn’t mention the Sixers and the p-word again, but Orlando plays Detroit, Washington, Miami and Sixers down the stretch, the Sixers are 4 games out, so it’s still mathematically possible).

Not to mention my usual television addiction which needs to be fed by the networks. It’s going to be a rough one in Brooklyn for the Depressed Fan. Let’s go Yanks/Sixers/Mariners/Pistons!

P.S. If MLB offered this on DirecTV, I’d be tempted to buy the Extra Innings package.

by Brian on Apr 11 2007
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