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I’m exhausted tonight, so I’m going to have a running blog of the game as it happens (well, I’m about a half hour behind on my TiVo, so it’ll be sorta live.)

Game notes

  • Damon’s calves look fine, Ponson looks like Eddy Curry, if Curry’s cornows were straightened, then permed, then greased down and molded into a mullet
  • Top first: Damon – double, Jeter – single, Abreu – single (1–0), A-Rod – line-out to right, Giambo – walk, [jogging visit to the mound by the pitching coach], Posada – ground-rule double (3–0), Cano – fly out to left, Doug – ground out to short.
  • Bottom first: (Pavano takes the hill with a 3–run lead) infield single, flyout to left, 1–6–3 double play. Good start for Pavano [He needs a nickname beyond Assbag. Any thoughts?]
  • Top second: Leche – ground out to short, Damon – Single, Jeter – fly out to right, Abreu – DONG (5–0) great at bat by Abreu, fouled off a bunch of pitches before going deep. Ponson looks like he needs a snack. Arod – ground out to third.
  • Dinner Break (pasta w/ meat sauce)
  • Bottom second: (5–run lead for Pavano) leadoff double, fly out to right [Mourneau(x), I guarantee there was an “x” on the end of that name at one point], 6–U [bad baserunning], F-7, warning track power.
  • Top third: Giambo – K, Posada – BB, Cano – 4–6 FC, Doug – L-9.
  • Third Inning Stretch: I miss Ken Singleton. He’s got to be the best color man in professional sports. Flaherty seems like a nice guy, but he’s boring. Singleton makes up for Kay’s holier-than-thou talk show host schtick.
  • Bottom third: 6–3 [Nice play by Jeter, nice pick by Doug], backwards K, 5–3 [Nice play by A-Rod on a chopper]
  • Top fourth: Melky – 3–U, Damon – 6–3, Jeter – HBP [in the junk], Abreu – backwards K.
  • Thoughts: The Yanks are letting Ponson skate. They came out of the gates aggressive, now they have a lead and they’re sitting back. Danger sign here, the Yanks need to stay aggressive.
  • Bottom fourth: F-7, F-6, 3–1 [Nice play by Doug. Pavano is cruising, next inning is the big one]
  • Top five: A-Rod – E-6, Giamo – 1b, Posada – F-7, Cano – F-9, Doug – 6–4. [Cruise control is officially engaged. Good news is Pavano has gone deep enough so the bullpen will be in before he can give up 6 runs. I think]
  • Bottom five: P-6, 1b [Hunter stole second], 1b (5–1), 6–4–3 DP.
  • Thoughts: Pavano has thrown like 60 pitches. If Torre takes him out now to “keep his confidence high” I’m going to lose it.
  • Top six: MelkMan – 6–4 [Melky looks lost, luckily, he’s got a couple of weeks to find his stroke], Damon – BB, Jeter – 1b [Damon thrown out at third], Abreu – RBI 1b [Good baserunning by Jeter, ball didn’t get out of the infield] (6–1), A-Rod – OPPOSITE FIELD BOMB (8–1), [Slow trot to the mound by Gardenhire: exit Ponson, enter Guerrer (cheese)], Giambino – 3–1.
  • Thoughts: It’s nice to see the Yanks wake up when they give up a run. The opposing team has been doing that to them all year, it’s a crushing blow.
  • Bottom six: [Pavano’s still in, thank God.] F-8, 6–3, 3–U.
  • Top seven: Posada – F-8, Cano – 4–3, Doug – 3–1.
  • Seventh Inning Stretch: Don’t want to jinx it, but this is just what the doctor ordered from Pavano. If he gets through 7 he gets 1 pass from me to be used on a future missed game due to an abortion (allegedly), DL stint for a blister/heavy legs syndrome, or unreported car accident. But only 1.
  • Bottom seven: [64 pitches through 6 innings, unbelievable, but the pen is up.] 2b [Mauer], K, P-3, RBI double [Tough play for Melky, but he could’ve had it] (8–2), F-8.
  • Top eight: Melky [Leading off for the fourth time this game, Doug is clutch.] – 5–3, Damon – 4–3, Jeter – 1b, Abreu – K.
  • Bottom eight: [Pavano’s out. This saddens me, he only threw 79 pitches, could’ve come back out. Not his fault, I doubt he begged out. Torre should’ve sent him back out there for the eigth. Bruney’s in with his sweet Iron Cross tat.] K,  4–3, 4–3.
  • Top nine: A-Rod – BB, Giambi – F-5, Posada – F-8, Cano – 4–3.
  • Bottom nine: [Farnsworth in, wearing the Rick Wild Thing Vaughn spectacles, gotta love it!] BB, 4–3, 3–1, 3–U. Game Over.

Overall, a good win for the Yanks, and Pavano went 7, so apparently Joe was full of sh!t on the plane last night. 20 men left on base, but what else is new. The Yanks evened their record at 3–3, same time same place tomorrow night for game two.

Player of the Game: Carl Pavano: 7 ip, 2 earned runs, 6 hits, 0 walks.

by Brian on Apr 9 2007