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First of all, let me get this on the record: Josh Beckett is the same sub-par pitcher he was last year. All you Sox fans out there who were fooled by his 3–0 start, prepare yourselves. The only problem for the Yanks today, was that Jeff Karstens sucked more than Beckett. The Yanks lost 7–5, and it was decided pretty early.

The Yanks gave Karstens a 2–0 lead in the top of the first. He gave it back immediately. The Yanks gave Karstens a 4–2 lead in the top of the second. He immediately gave it back, and then some. Karstens lasted 4.1 innings, giving up 9 hits and 7 earned runs. That’s just not going to cut it.

Bring up Phil Hughes already. Anyway, today’s game was exciting at the beginning if you’re into crappy pitching and runs scoring left and right. Beckett settled down for a 3–inning stretch, then fell to pieces again. The Yanks pen was superb, going 3 2/3 without giving up a run.

A-Rod stayed hot, 2–4 with a double and an RBI. Melky picked up a nice RBI single in the second. The offense is fine, even with Damon sitting and Posada on the shelf they still put five runs on the board, but the Yanks are only going to go as far as their rotation takes them, and the way things look right now, that’s not going to be very far.

Mussina and Wang are both on schedule to come off the DL as scheduled, Pavano, of course, is lingering. The latest word is that he could be back sometime in early May.

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Player of the Game: Robinson Cano, 2–4, with a double and a RBI.

by Brian on Apr 21 2007