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Spring Training 08
Yes, Spring Training is here folks. Opening day is six weeks away and that means two things. I'm starting to get excited, and it's time for fans to catch up on everything that's happened since the Sox won the series four long months ago.

Baseball fans everywhere will spend the next six weeks catching up. Teams have changed, the balance of power in certain divisions has shifted. It's with this in mind that I'm proud to present the Blogs By Fans Network's first mini-site, Spring Training '08.

We've recruited bloggers from all 30 teams to contribute a cheat-sheet for the team they cover. This is a one-stop shop to get you caught up quickly, and throughout the Spring we'll be updating the site constantly with breaking news and in-depth features on each team. Our goal is to bring you the information you need from the people who follow these teams religiously, all in one place. Beyond that, we're going to make the site a place where the fans lucky enough to make the trip to their teams' camp can share pictures, video and stories.

This site truly is going to be a community project, and I hope you will all take part. Before we get this thing rolling, I'd like to thank all of the bloggers who took part. These people love their teams, and they're providing a valuable service that you won't find anywhere else. When you're done checking out Spring Training '08, make sure you visit their blogs as well. We couldn't have done it without them.

American League East

Red Sox: Who Made You Mirabelli, Beantown West
Yankees: Depressed Fan, Green Pinstripes
Blue Jays: Stop Mike Lupica
Orioles: The Loss Column
Rays: Rays of Light

American League Central

Indians: The DiaTribe
Tigers: Mack Avenue Tigers
Twins: Babes Love Baseball
White Sox: Tremendous Upside Potential
Royals: The Pipeline

American League West

Angels: L.A. Seitz of Chicago
Mariners: Bleeding Blue and Teal
Athletics: Paul Bonanos
Rangers: Baseball Time In Arlington

National League East

Phillies: Balls, Sticks and Stuff
Mets: Loge 13, Giggin' On Ya
Braves: Velcro Vernacular
Nationals: The Nationals Enquirer
Marlins: Hook, Line Drive & Sinker

National League Central

Cubs: Cobra Brigade
Cardinals: C-70 At The Bat
Reds: On Baseball and the Reds
Astros: Baseball Notes
Brewers: BrewersNation
Pirates: Hyzdu's Headquarters

National League West

Diamondbacks: Down the Left Field Line With Eric Byrnes
Rockies: On The Rox
Padres: Friars Forecast
Dodgers: Beantown West
Giants: El Lefy Malo

by Brian on Feb 15 2008
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