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Our friends over at Loge 13 have thrown down the gauntlet with their preview of this weekend’s Subway Series. They were seeking a response, and a response I will give them!

Game 1

The pitchers, circa 1984…


Age before beauty, as they say. Roger Clemens goes to the hill against a pitcher with 313 fewer wins, 2,868 fewer Ks and about 100 fewer pounds of padding on his frame. Clemens is 1–0 in his return to the Pinstripes, but to be fair, he did face the Pittsburgh Pirates in his debut. Basically, it was another AAA tune up. The Mets may, or may not, present a different type of challenge altogether.

The Yanks have won 9 straight, and 12 of 14. The Mets have dropped 5 straight and 11 of 14. Two trains heading in opposite directions? Well, the Mets are being chased down by the resurgent Phillies and the Yanks are quickly gaining ground on the flailing Red Sox.

David Wright is the only Met swinging a hot stick right now, and it’ll be interesting to see how Clemens reacts if Wright reaches out and drives an outside pitch the other way early in the game. In the past, he’s responded with music of the chin variety. I wonder if the old guy still has it in him.

Prediction: Yanks win, 6–3. Perez has been solid against the Yanks. Tonight, the Yanks make him throw a ton of pitches, when the pen comes in the Yanks get some breathing room.

Game 2

Summing up the pitchers…


Tyler Clippard made his ML debut against the Mets the last time these teams met. Tom Glavine made his ML debut against the Washington Senators when Dwight D. Eisenhower was in office. Clippard was more than impressive in his debut against the Metropolitans, but he’s fallen on hard times since.

This game worries me, greatly. Clippard’s command has been spotty, to be generous, and the Mets have already seen him. The one thing the rook has going for him is that the Yanks should be able to score plenty of runs off the decrepit Glavine. Glavine is lucky to hit his age on the radar gun these days.

Prediction: Yanks win, 10–8. Glavine ponders retirement, Minaya calls the Chicago Cubs to see if Carlos Zambrano is available.

Game 3

On the hill…


If you aren't the gambling type, the Ace of Spades beats the Ace of Hearts. That’s pretty much how I see this one going. Wang has been masterful. El Duque has as well since coming off the DL. El Duque is wily, he’s cagey, he’s all the adjectives you see in conjunction with old lefties who don’t throw hard enough to break a pain of glass. The difference is, El Duque can still touch 90 on the radar gun if he has a stiff wind behind him. This will be the toughest pitching matchup for the Yankee bats, fortunately, the same goes for the Mets.

Wang has stepped forward as an elite pitcher in this league. His sinker is nearly impossible to lift. With Cairo at first, the Yankee infield defense has been spectacular. The Yankees will be patient with El Duque’s variety of breaking pitches, and make him work. This game gets to the bull pens close, but Wang gives the Yanks enough length to get to the end of their pen, Duque hands the ball over to the middle guys.

Prediction: Yanks win 4–2. A thriller to end the series, and the Mets’ run atop the NL East.

You heard it here first. Yankees sweep!

The Giambi t-shirt will be in Field Box 130, Row J for Saturday’s game. If you’re at the stadium stop by and yell at me for jinxing the Bombers.

by Brian on Jun 15 2007