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Carl Pavano predicting the number of starts he'll make before his first stint on the D.L.

Peter Abraham at The Lohud Yankees Blog has some terribly disturbing news. It seems as though the opening day starter for our beloved New York Yankees, against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, is most likely going to be none other than ... Carl Pavano.

I thought I’d met my quota of “devastating Yankee News” for the weekend when I found out Chien-Ming Wang would start the season on the disabled list, then not 24 hours later this bombshell drops.

It’s not that I’m worried so much about this one game. What’s one game in the grand scheme of things? The most disturbing thing about this turn of events is that until either (a) Pavano pulls a Fallopian tube or (b) days off cause the rotation to get juggled, Pavano is going to be matched up against the opposing team’s aces. If he was at the back of the rotation, at least the Yanks would be facing sub-par pitchers so their offense would have a chance to slug it out. Having Pavano facing the best other teams have to offer is like playing with one hand tied behind their backs.

The only silver lining to this bad news was the humor Abraham brought to the story:

“The good news is Pavano would be pitching on 643 days of rest.”

by Brian on Mar 25 2007