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ESPN HeadquartersIf you’re looking for up-to-the-minute baseball trade rumors, apparently your Insider subscription to ESPN won’t cut it anymore. Less than 72 hours until the trading deadline, and ESPN.com hasn’t updated its MLB Rumor Mill column in over 36 hours. I’m starting to feel like the $40 I spent for Insider access this year was as much of a waste as the $50 I spent to get the Fairway parking lot security guard to get the boot off my car this afternoon.

Anyway, whoever’s producing the site in Bristol this weekend deserves, well, to live in Bristol, Connecticut and work weekends.

Fear not, Yankee fans. There are still plenty of rumor resources out there (I whole-heartedly recommend MLB Trade Rumors), so here’s a quick run down of the latest on the Bombers.

  • Eric Gagne for Ian Kennedy or Jeff Marquez. Apparently Gagne can’t veto a trade to the Yanks. Who knew?
  • The Orioles and Mariners may both be interested in Kei Igawa. (His salary is a reasonable $4M/year. That’s reasonable if he actually pitches in the Majors ever again, I guess).
  • Dan Johnson is again the talk of the town. I wouldn’t hate this move.
  • Ty Wigginton will not be a Yankee. He was traded to Houston for Dan Wheeler.
  • Dan Wheeler will not be a Yankee, see above.
  • Mark Teixeira is probably headed to either the Braves, Angels or maybe Diamondbacks. The Yanks don’t seem willing to match the asking price.
  • Melky’s name is coming up in an aweful lot of these rumors. This makes zero sense to me.
  • Johnny Damon’s name hasn’t popped up since yesterday morning, unfortunately.
  • The name Michael Bourn has been mentioned (along with Shane Victorino). If either of those guys is actually available, the Yanks should send Proctor, Myers and Farnsworth to Philly immediately. Youth and speed will do wonders for a stagnant offense in games like last night’s.

The Yanks have dropped three of four, I’m going to peg the odds of them making a significant move in the next 72 hours at about 60–70%. George can’t be happy.

by Brian on Jul 29 2007