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There's a rumor making the rounds that if the stars align, the Yanks could ship A-Rod to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for Jared Weaver, Dustin Moseley and Jose Molina, if Mosesly performs well, Weaver's injury isn't serious AND A-Rod gets booed mercilessly.

My take: This is not enough to get A-Rod out of NY. If the Angels were going to do a deal, it would have to involve one of their big name, big leaguers. If I were Cashman, no deal would get done without Francisco Rodriguez involved. Also, the Yanks already had one J. Weaver on their team, and that didn't exactly end well. (He basically lost the W.S. for the Yanks against Florida). The apple doesn't fall far from the apple, let's see what Weaver Jr. looks like his second time through the league before we trade a hall of famer for him, even a gutless hall of famer, as the case may be.

This seems like wild speculation at best, wishful thinking at worst.

by Brian on Mar 21 2007