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There are conflicting reports on the Randy Johnson trade today, a blogger from MVN is saying the deal is done, the NY Daily news says it has hit a snag. Which source is more reliable is debatable.

The Daily news is saying that the Diamondbacks are hung up on the extension for the Unit, believing they want to tie some of the deferred $40 million they owe Johnson to any extension. Johnson is apparently opposed to this, which is understandable. The deal appears to be for 2 or 3 prospects. Some reports are saying the quality and quantity of the prospects could be dependent on how much of the Unit's 2006 salary the Yanks are willing to absorb.

If this deal gets done, I'm going to have to eat some crow. I've been bashing Brian Cashman pretty hard this off season for continuing to make the Yankees' clubhouse look like a nursing home. It was mainly due to the signing of Pettitte and the rumored trade of Melky Cabrera. If the Unit goes and Melky stays Cashman is definitely moving the team in the right direction by stockpiling young talent. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

by Brian on Dec 31 2006