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Below, you will find what I hope will wind up as the be all, end all of lists for alternative names for home runs. I'm going to get the list started, but reader interaction is crucial. If you've heard someone, anyone, call a home run by another name, leave a comment and we'll add it to the list.

This is yet another great time-wasting exercise spawned from the comments. This is, by far, my favorite part of writing this blog.

Here we go, in stream-of-consciousness order...

  1. Bomb
  2. Tater
  3. Long ball
  4. Round-tripper
  5. Salami (grand slam, still counts)
  6. Dinger
  7. Souvenir
  8. Gopher ball
  9. Shot
  10. Blast
  11. Poke
  12. Dong
  13. Homer
  14. Upper-decker
  15. Moon shot
  16. Four-bagger
  17. Going yard
  18. Goner (as in, it's a goner)
  19. Chinese home run (hit so high that when it barely gets out, it scrapes the back of the fence)
  20. Job (As in one-run job, two-run job, etc.)
  21. Jack (As in two-run jack,)
  22. Cranked one out
  23. Clout
  24. Touch 'em all
  25. Jack-shot
  26. No-Doubter
  27. Big fly
  28. Laser
  29. Wallop
  30. A-bomb
  31. High-riser
  32. Tape-measure shot
  33. Quadruple
  34. Put it on the board (ChiSox announcer)
  35. See ya (Yankees announcer)
  36. Missile
  37. Ding dong
  38. About face
  39. Walk off
  40. Go homer (walk off)
  41. Hasta la vista, baby (ESPN announcer in Taiwan)
  42. Cuadangular (en Espanol)
  43. Jonron (ditto)
  44. Bambinaz (Mexico)
  45. Volva cuerca (Venezuela)

Check the list and leave any we may have missed in the comments below.
by Brian on Apr 30 2008
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