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If you’re scratching your head, trying to figure out why the Yanks are playing so well lately, analyzing stats, watching game film, checking horoscopes, etc. You can stop. I have the answer, and you won’t find it in a book. The answer is me.

On Sunday night, I took the dog for a long walk, came home and changed into a pair of green mesh shorts and an old Giambi t-shirt. The Yankees won. On Monday, I was too lazy to change after walking the dog, I stayed in my work clothes. The Yankees lost. Tuesday, I took the dog for a walk, then put on the same green mesh shorts and Giambi t-shirt. The Yankees won.

At this point two things happened. I realized the correlation, and I realized the shirt was starting to smell. Wednesday night, the shirt and shorts went back on after walking the dog. Another win.

On Thursday, I had to pick the t-shirt out of the washing machine before it was run. No way do you mess with a streak like this. Thursday night, after the walk the shorts and shirt went back on. Another Yankee win. Right now, the magical combo is sitting in my study, airing out a little bit, and waiting to do its magic again tonight.

You do not mess with four wins in five days. You don’t mess with it when your wife won’t sit next to you while you watch the game, you don’t mess with it when your dog would rather lie on the floor than sit next to you, you don’t even mess with it when the shirt starts to get stiff, like wearing cardboard. As long as the streak stays alive, the shirt does not get washed.

If the Yankees win tonight, I’m going to have a conundrum tomorrow. I’m going to the game, and I think the shirt and shorts are going to have to come with me. It won’t be comfortable, but hey, sometimes you have to take one for the team.

by Brian on Jun 8 2007