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Trade rumors are swirling, and as usual, the Yankees seem to be involved in most of them. Here’s a quick run-down:

  • Damon to the Braves
  • Farnsworth to the Tigers
  • Possibly to the Yankees:
    1. Teixeira
    2. Wigginton
    3. Gagne

First things first, Johnny Damon? Obviously, I’m all for any deal which moves the hobbled Damon, but I just don’t see this one happening. He’s owed $13M per over the next two years, and I don’t see the Braves taking on that kind of money. I don’t know where he’d play in Atlanta. Left field? First base?

In theory, it’s a great move for the direction I want the Yanks to head in. If Damon was moved, Melky’s spot in center would be cemented and Joe could platoon Giambi and Shelley at the DH spot. Two problems solved, and the outfield merry-go-round would come to an end. Damon’s health has taken a drastic toll on his production this season, and he isn’t getting any younger.

Maybe this deal would have a shot if the Yanks were asking for next to nothing back (maybe two b-level prospects) and/or willing to eat 50% or more of Damon’s contract in exchange for a top-tier prospect or immediate need (Saltalamacchia, Rafael Soriano or Willie Harris come to mind). The latter is far-fetched, very far-fetched. I’ll be shocked if Damon is dealt.
Odds: Slim-to-none.

Kyle Farnsworth to Detroit. The Phillies, Dodgers, Tigers and probably five other teams (including the Yankees) are looking for bullpen help. I have to think one of them can be talked into trading for Farnsworth, especially if the Yanks pick up a portion of the $10.25M owed to him over the next two years.
Odds: Decent.

Mark Teixeira to the Yankees. I don’t see this happening. The rumored package the Braves have come up with dwarfs anything the Yanks would offer. If Cashman is to be believed, Joba and Hughes are both untouchable, Cano shouldn’t be going anywhere. What else do the Yanks have to offer. If I was betting today, I’d say he goes to Atlanta, which would put the kibosh on any deal sending Damon to the Braves.
Odds: Extreme long shot (unless the Yanks go on a five-game losing streak immediately. If that happens, all bets are off).

Ty Wigginton to the Yankees. I think he’d be a good acquisition (even if he is an ex-Met), but at what price? I don’t see the logic behind trading Scott Proctor for a utility guy. Proctor, Vizcaino and Mo are the only guys Torre really trusts in the pen. If the rumors are true, and Joba is going to come up to pitch out of the pen, then Farnsworth should be the one to go, not Proctor.

One thing to keep in mind is that Tampa does not make trades unless they can completely rip off the opposing team. This deal would fall into that category, therefore:
Odds: Unfortunately, this is probably the most likely to happen.

Eric Gagne to the Yanks. I don’t see the Yanks dealing for Gagne, straight up. One scenario which may make some sense is Gagne being added into a deal for Teixeira, but a lot of dominoes would have to fall before this happened. First, as I stated above, the Yanks would have to go into a tailspin immediately, causing George to hit the panic button. Second, Brian Cashman would probably have to be hogtied and thrown in a closet, because he does not want to trade young chips for rented veterans. Third, Gagne would have to waive his no-trade clause and accept being Mo’s set-up man.

Here’s how it could happen: The Yanks lose five straight, George flips, the Yanks salvage some face by trading Hughes or Joba for both Teixeira and Gagne, the Rangers get the deal of the decade, the Yankees spend the next five years patching up an aging roster with bad trades.
Odds: I can’t honestly gauge them, that last paragraph brought tears to my eyes.

by Brian on Jul 27 2007