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jeterscatch.jpgTo the faithful devoted Yankee fans, the games which will take place in the Bronx tonight, tomorrow night and Thursday afternoon are the most important of the season, thus far. There is no rivalry in sports today of greater import, and deep down in our bones, we want need a sweep. For our sanity, if nothing else.

In the grand scheme of things, these games are no more nor no less important than the D-Rays series this weekend. Every single game counts, especially when there's a three-team race for the Wild Card, but let's be honest, this series will probably define the season for the Yanks. A sweep, and the division looks like a possibility again. A series win, and they probably gain a little ground on the Mariners. A 2-1 loss and things look bleak. Getting swept, not an option.

Andy Pettitte is the guy we want on the mound for this game. He's 5-0 in August with a 2.06 ERA. Dice-K has looked Kei Igawa-esque against the Bombers but somehow escaped with 2 wins.

Joe has decided to go away from what he considers his best lineup (Giambi at first) in favor of defense, I guess. Phillips will play first, Damon in left, Matsui at DH. This seems logical to me, if Pettitte is on, there should be plenty of throws headed to first. Having a better glove there is a bonus. I also tend to like the Yankee lineup without Giambi a little better because I think Joe uses the bottom third to manufacture runs, instead of playing station-to-station ball. This is big in a playoff atmosphere, when runs can be scarce.

It's time for the competitive juices to start flowing. Boston fans, we know who your favorite son is going to be rooting for:

Let's go Yanks!
by Brian on Aug 28 2007
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