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Toronto manhandled the Yanks 7–2 north of the border tonight to put an exclamation point on a disappointing Memorial Day weekend for the Bombers. Matt DeSalvo didn’t have it, neither did Ron Villone. The Yankee bats were dormant the entire night.

It’s a tough time to be a Yankee fan, the deficit in the A.L. East is now 13.5 games. The team looks lethargic. Joe seems to be managing not to lose when the Yanks have the lead, and raising the white flag when they’re trailing.

I’ve been through seasons worse than this, but those teams never had the amount of talent this one does. You have to believe things are going to turn around, you just have to. It’d sure be nice if the team would show you a sign every now and then.

Roger Clemens was dominant in his final minor league start tonight, perhaps his arrival will light a fire for this team. Perhaps, not. Clemens won’t be carrying a bat with him when he suits up against the Sox next weekend. In the mean time, Joe needs to find something to generate runs for the Yanks. I think mixing the lineup up may help.

Jeter is the only guy you can really depend on to come up with a big hit right now, the first thing to do is move him back to the #3 slot, where he had some success earlier this year. I’d probably move Melky to the #2 spot, he’s got the plate discipline and bat control needed to get the job done up there.

Torre made a highly questionable move with his bullpen tonight, bringing Luis Vizcaino into a 3–0 game with 2 outs and the bases loaded to face Frank Thomas, and his career .423 OBP. Vizcaino had walked 19 in 24 innings coming into tonight. Luis got Thomas looking, then pitched a scoreless sixth. These are the type of results Joe is used to getting when he makes unorthodox decisions and trusts his guys. It has rarely worked out that way this year.

Player of the Game: Luis Vizcaino, 1.1 IP, 1K.

by Brian on May 28 2007