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The Yankees lost to the Twins tonight 5–1. Mike Mussina was terrible in two innings on the hill (3 hits, 1 walk, no K’s), then he basically walked off the mound. Apparently, he felt a loose wing nut or something in his leg. He didn’t show any emotion as he walked from the mound, but robots never do.

I know that in my pregame I said Joe should have a quick hook because he’s got a decently-rested pen, and a day off tomorrow before heading to Oakland. I said all of that, but 7 innings was just too much to ask of the pen. Ironically, it was the well-rested Kyle Farnsworth who eventually shat the bed. Farnsworth gave up 4 runs and turned a tie game into a non-save situation for Joe Nathan in the bottom of the ninth. (Maybe it’s time to lose the geeky spectacles Farnsworth).

Alex Rodriguez was the lone somewhat-bright spot on offense for the Yanks. He drove in their only run on a sac fly and missed out on another RBI in the ninth when his laser-beam to the gap bounced over the wall for a ground-rule double.

For the Twins, Ramon Ortiz was nothing short of spectacular. He went 8 strong, allowing only 1 run on 3 hits. Joe Mauer put the Twins in front for good with an opposite field dribbler in the eighth. Cuddyer, Mourneau and Tori Hunter piled on for three more runs to seal the win.

The Silver Linings:

  • Dice-L picked up his first loss. He was outshined by King Felix’s one-hit shutout.
  • The fifth run the Twins scored in the bottom of the eight took a save away from the team ahead of me in my money fantasy baseball league, so that’s a positive.

Player of the Game: A-Rod? Someone has to get it, why not him. His double came off Nathan, one of the best closers in the game. Maybe it planted a seed of doubt in his mind come playoff time.


by Brian on Apr 11 2007