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Betemit gets the start at first, Matsui is DH'ing, again. I'm starting to wonder about his health. I thought the idea was to get days off for the older outfielders, plural.

In other ex-Yankee news, Sheff's shoulder is hurt again, he's out tonight, and may miss the entire series with the Yanks in Detroit (starting Friday). That's good news for the Bombers. Positive thoughts, Yankee fans, that's what we need right now, positive thoughts.

20 minutes 'til first pitch, just finished dinner, waiting to see if the game will be on in HD or not.

  • Here we go. (No HD, but I'm not going to let it get me down)
  • No Figgins, thank God.
  • That's Jeter's 20th GIDP of the season, a career high. I hate to say it, but he's lost a step. It didn't matter on that play, but he has.
  • Quick first inning for Lackey. Abreu seems to be striking out an awful lot lately.
  • Good start for Pettitte, and Abreu wasn't freaked out by the wall. Good signs all around.
  • Boston lost. Shut down by the vaunted Tampa Bay pitching staff, 2-1.
  • Bad luck GIDP for Cano. Lackey doesn't look sharp, the Yanks need to do some damage with these hits.
  • Nice play by Cano to start that double play. Really tough hop that he gobbled up, that's what's so frustrating about seeing him boot routine ground balls, the guy has great hands. I think it's just a concentration thing.
  • Walking the number 9 hitter, come on.
  • He wiggled out of it.
  • Giusseppe. (1)
  • The first mistake is made by the Angels. Lackey had Cano at first, rushed that throw. 1-0, Yanks.
  • I'm fine with that walk to Anderson. Set up the double play, and get the slap hitter up there. We'll see if it works out.
  • Wow. Excellent turn by Cano, but Kendrick was obviously safe at first. The Yanks caught a break there.
  • No one breaks his bat more often than Johnny Damon. You'd think he'd switch models after the first hundred or so shattered in his hands.
  • Interesting discussion going on between Kay and Flaherty right now about pitch calling.
  • The Orange County faithful are growing restless with Pettitte's pickoff attempts.
  • Pettitte's still looking strong.
  • The Gagne/Joba graphic has been updated.
  • Lackey's velocity is way down. He's topping out at 91, I remember him throwing harder.
  • Sissy Lackey walks A-Rod on a 3-2 curve. I hope that comes back to haunt him. SB A-Rod, easily.
  • Nice to hear the "Let's Go Yankees" cheer in Anaheim.
  • Nice catch by Matthews. This is turning into a helluva ball game.
  • I think Damon could've caught that. Damnit. Bomb for Cabrera. 1-1, Bears.
  • Cue the fog.
  • Let's go Betemit. Big AB here.
  • The Melk Man!!!!! 2-1, Yanks.
  • Jeter with a clutch hit, but gets gunned down going for two on the throw to the plate. 3-1, Yanks.
  • Seven strong for Pettitte. Should be Joba for the eighth and Mo for the ninth.
  • Giusseppe (2)
  • Michael Kay just said Vizcaino is available tonight. I have to think that was a mistake. On Sunday, the Viz told Torre he had a tired arm, so Joe didn't use him that day. Then Joe used him on Monday and Tuesday.
  • Did I say Abreu hasn't looked good at the plate? I guess I was wrong. Bomb to straight-away center. 4-1, Yanks.
  • This one is getting ugly fast. Two-run double for Jorge. 6-1, Yanks.
  • I'd still send Joba out there for the eighth. Day off tomorrow, and you need to keep him sharp. Then you can use Farnsworthless for the ninth.
  • Shields is looking sharp, huh? 7-1, Yanks.
  • Shields hits the showers. It sure looks like Joba's coming in.
  • Even if you aren't a Yankee fan, it has to be exciting to see this kid pitch. Unbelievable slider for his first K.
  • Uh oh, are we about to see Joba's first run?
  • Maybe not, another K on another sick slider.
  • 100 MPH fastball to Vlad, and he just missed it. Here comes a slider in the dirt for the K. Told ya.
  • Joba just faced the meat of the Angels order, and struck out the side. Wow!
  • The announcers haven't said anything yet, but if Joba pitches the 9th, that'll be an enormous mistake. There's no reason for it. Get Farnsworth in there so Joba's available for the first game of the Detroit series. Anything else is just plain stupid.
  • Robbie Cano! 8-1, Yanks.
  • Rough night for Betemit, 0-5 w/ 2 Ks.
  • Joba won't pitch the ninth. Thank God.
  • I would've given Mo the night off tonight, but I guess that's just me.
  • Anderson can't hit a good fastball anymore. Mo just blew him away.
  • Mo is off, like he usually is garbage appearances. 8-2, Yanks.
  • That was one of the bigger wins of the season.
Player of The Game: Obviously, Pettitte. 7 innings, 1 earned, 5 hits, 2 walks, 6 Ks.

The Gagne/Joba graphic reflects tonight's games. Enjoy your day off tomorrow, Yankee fans. You've earned it after these three games.
by Brian on Aug 23 2007
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