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Now pitching, number 65, Phil Hughes.

Just in case you missed it, Phil Hughes, the Yanks first pick in the 2004 draft, will make his debut in pinstripes tomorrow night. Hughes decided to stick with jersey number 65, even though he was offered number 19. But don’t let the offensive lineman’s number confuse you, as far as he’s concerned, he’s here to stay:

I’m going to go up there and pitch to the best of my ability, and I don’t have any intention of coming back,” Hughes said. 

Hughes has dominated every level of the minor leagues, and although he had a rough Spring Training, he’s bounced back in AAA. In his last start, he pitched 6 innings of shut out ball, striking out 10, walking none, and allowing only two hits.

Here’s a glimpse of Hughes in action last year:

by Brian on Apr 25 2007