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Yankee Stadium

Steve from Was Watching sent me an e-mail earlier this week asking for Yankee Stadium stories for a project he’s working on. You can see his post on the project here.

I’ve been thinking about it ever since, and I don’t think I can come up with one heart-warming or gut wrenching story about the Stadium. Not because it hasn’t meant much to me, but because I have so many feelings and memories tied up in the old place.

I’m going to cop out and give a bullet-list of the best times I’ve had at the stadium, hopefully some of you readers will succeed where I failed and come through with a coherent Stadium story or two. You can e-mail them to Steve at the address on his post, or leave them in the comments and I’ll forward them to him. Without further adieu, my list.

  • First game: 1984 against Detroit. Loss, but still remember seeing the field for the first time.
  • First World Series Game: 1998, game 2. Yanks pounded the Padres, sat in the last row of the upper deck.
  • Best World Series Game: Oct. 31, 2001. Game 4. Jeter walk-off bomb. Couldn’t talk for 2 days after the game.
  • Best Game, Period: Oct. 16, 2003. Game 7, 2003 ALCS. Aaron Boone walk-off bomb. Five encores of “New York, New York.” Frank never sounded so good.
  • I have to include this game or else: First date with my wife, May 15, 2003. (Loss to the Angels)
  • Things I have to do before the Yanks leave the stadium:
    • Visit Monument Park (I have no idea how many games I’ve been to, but never been to Monument Park)
    • Catch a foul ball


by Brian on Jul 31 2007