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It's game two of the Angels/Yanks tonight, and again, I'll be updating as I watch.

A couple of quick pre-game notes to get us ready for the first pitch:

  • It appears as though we're back to the personal catcher for Mike Mussina theory. For the record, I hate the personal catcher, and I doubly hate the personal catcher when he is being used for a pitcher who gives up a bunch of runs. (Note: I don't hate the actual personal catcher, I like Molina, I hate the philosophy of the personal catcher)
  • If you need a good laugh, check out this post on Lefty Malo. I'd like to add that the bright red and bright green Red Sox jerseys are the biggest fashion travesty in the history of professional sports.

    See comments for the relevance, but this is the only alternate uniform I ever want to see worn:

  • For some reason DirecTV isn't showing the Yanks on HD, great start. At least they're running the Giusseppe Franco commercial (1).
  • Jeter looks like he has a piano on his back, GIDP, 5-4-3. Melky did a nice job taking Kendirck out, but he got the throw off.
  • Abreu rung up on an inside tailing fastball. Long night?
  • In my deconstruction of Mussina earlier today I forgot to mention he can't hold runners on. Opponents are 19 out of 21 in stolen bases off him.
  • Lead-off walks score 60% of the time, just FYI.
  • At least Moose has a couple of excuses for his monotone post-game interview. 2-0, Angels.
  • Mussina's mood:
  • A-Bomb. 2-1, Angels. That was a friggin' rocket the opposite way.
  • Mussina's Mood:
  • Michael Kay is lamenting the fact that the Yankee bench is too deep. This bench is not as good as it was back in the day with Darryl, Glenallen Hill, Homer Bush and Canseco. It just isn't.
  • The Sox won, and Seattle is on its way to a win as well. Moose better buckle down here.
  • Single, double off the wall. 2nd and 3rd, no outs.
  • Double, two runs score. Get him out of there. Seriously. I don't care who you bring in, I've seen enough. 4-1, Angels.
  • Even the outs are getting smoked.
  • Vlad, double down the line. 5-1, Angels.
  • Double for Anderson. 6-1, Angels. Guidry to the mound, took him long enough. Guidry is laughing on the mound, Mussina: stoic.
  • RBI single for Matthews. 7-1, Angels.
  • Mussina's mood:
  • The good news? The pen will probably only have to pitch five and a third innings, because I'll be shocked if a bottom of the ninth is necessary.
  • Villone is probably going to be hung out to dry here.
  • Mid-game letter to the skipper:
  • Lead-off walk for Molina. Remember, lead-off walks score 60% of the time.
  • See what happens when you take Mussina out? The bats come to life, the team thinks it actually has a chance.
  • Walk, walk, single, double, RBI ground out, RBI ground out. 7-5, Angels.
  • Lead-off walks score 60% of the time. I'm starting to notice a theme to this game.
  • Walk, single, walk, (Guidry going to the phone)... bases loaded, no one out.
  • Another walk, 8-5, Angels.
  • Joe is bringing Edwar into a bases-loaded, no one out situation. No pressure, kid.
  • Great catch by Matsui, that could save the...ahh, who am I kidding. 9-5, Angels.
  • Edwar made Vlad look silly on a couple of change-ups for the K.
  • One change too many, on the 3-2 count, no less. 12-5, Angels. Anderson hit the fifth change Edwar threw to him, that's just too many.
  • Those fireworks may be a tad over-the-top.
  • Another walk. Edwar seems shaken and stirred out there. Ugh.
  • If I'm Joe, I send Farnsworth in to pitch the next 5 innings.
  • Uno, dos, tres. Rolling over and dying?
  • RBI single for Kendrick. 13-5, Angels.
  • Edwar got Vladdy again, and made him look silly doing it.
  • Yanks go silently. I expected the regulars will be taking a seat soon. If I was Joe, I'd make them sweat it out. Singleton tells a great story about Earl Weaver yelling at his regulars one game when they were getting blown out. Basically he said, "If I have to sit through it, so do you."
  • Torre said Henn wasn't available tonight. Henn is now pitching. I always wondered why a manager would announce who is and who is not available in the pen on any given night. Doesn't that give the opposing manager vital info? Anyway, who cares if Henn gets burned out.
  • Pretty DP to end the inning, started by Phillips. Only three and a half more innings of this garbage. Anyone besides me still watching?
  • Michael Kay seems flummoxed by the Mussina situation. He brings up a good point, his next start is against Detroit, or they could skip him (they have an off day), but then his next start would be against the Sox. Lose-lose situation if you ask me. I say let him go against the Tigers. (or fake an injury and get Ian Kennedy up here.)
  • RBI double for Orlando Cabrera. 14-5, Angels. It's only the bottom of the sixth.
  • Grand slam, Garrett Anderson. 18-5, Angels. 10 RBI for Anderson in the game, too bad I don't have him on my fantasy team.
  • It was awful nice of Joe to put Shelley Duncan in the game, I know it pains him to play the kid.
  • Giusseppe (2)
  • This is completely f*cking ridiculous. Kyle Farnsworth should be in this god damned game right now. Pitching Vizcaino, who is suffering from a dead arm, in a 13-run game is a firing offense as far as I'm concerned. There is absolutely no justification for this move by Joe. This guy is one of your reliable guys, he's suffering the effects of 63 innings of work, and you don't get him a day off in this game!!! What the hell is going on?
  • Betemit, 3-run bomb. 18-8, Angels. That's probably enough to get him the player of the game nod.
  • A-Bomb. 18-9, Angels. An absolute bomb deeeeeeep to left for A-Rod. He's the player of the game now.
  • This was a disgusting game, and Torre's bullpen management has me so pissed off I can barely type.
Player of the Game: Wilson Betemit, Alex Rodriguez, 2 for 5, 2 runs, 3 RBI, 2 HRs, plus, he played the entire game, which is a mammoth accomplishment.

Same time, same place tomorrow night. Pettitte vs. Lackey. Let us never speak of this game again.
by Brian on Aug 22 2007
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