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I made it home tonight in time to watch the Yanks live, barely, so I’m going to do a live blog of the game. Sit back, giggle at the Sox ugly green and red unis and enjoy!

Top first: Damon, ground out to first. Jeter, pop out to third on the first pitch. Abreu fly out deep to center. He’s swinging a hot bat right now, he crushed that bull, just hit it to the wrong part of the park.

Bottom first: Lugo (horrible signing), 6–3. Youkilis, beaned. Actually it hit his hand on the bat, should’ve been a foul ball. Ortiz, 4–pitch walk. Manny (looking festive with red braids in his hair), 6–4–3 double play.

Top second: A-Rod, reached for an outside fastball and flew out to deep center. Giambi, fly out to left. Schilling is throwing a ton of slow curveballs that are actually hanging. Let’s see if the Yanks adjust. Posada, fly out to deep center. Four straight balls hit to the warning track, all caught.

Bottom second: J.D. Drew, single to left-center on an 0–2 pitch. Lowell, 6–6–3 double play. Pettitte always seems to be able to get that double play ground ball when he needs it. Varitek, 5–3. Easy inning.

Top third: Cano, single to left in front of a flopping Manny (he lost his hat and his skull cap). Melky, single to center. Schilling is falling behind everyone this inning. Went to 3–0 on Cano, 2–0 on Melky, probably no coincidence that they both singled. Doug, sacrifice bunt. Good call by Torre, I’d love it if it was always a bunt situation when Doug’s up there. Damon, 6–3 RBI, Cano scores, Melky to third. Schilling is bitching about every pitch to the ump. Jeter, walk on 3–2 pitch. Abreu, K on a check swing. Abreu isn’t happy, but he went around. (1–0 Yanks)

Bottom third: Crisp, K on 3 pitches. Pedroia, FO-2. Lugo, walk. Youkilis, infield single. Pettitte has been ahead of every batter 0–2 this inning. Ortiz, 4–3. Should’ve been a much easier inning for Pettitte. (1–0 Yanks)

Top fourth: A-Rod, bomb. Just an absolute laser that was still rising when it made the seats over the green monster. Manny didn’t even move in left. Giambo, K. Posada, double down the left field line. Manny’s hat comes off whenever he takes more than two steps at “full speed,” I think he likes showing off his braids. Cano, 3–U. Melky, F-8. (2–0 Yanks)

Bottom fourth: Will Nieves is now catching. Something happened to Posada, but no one knows what. Not good news. Manny, K (backwards). J.D. Drew, single to right. Nieves guns down Drew trying to steal second. Perfect throw. Lowell, single off the monster. Varitek, HR. Friggin Michael Kay would not shut up about how Varitek is over-the-hill. It was a foregone conclusion that he’d hit a bomb there. Where’s Ken Singleton when you need him? Crisp, 6–3. 66 pitches for Pettitte through 4 innings. (2–2)

Top fifth: Doug, fly out to center, warning track again. Damon, K (backwards). Posada’s injury is a bruised thumb. It happened catching a pitch. They’re taking him for x-rays. Jeter, single to left. Abreu, single to right. A-Rod, HOLY CRAP!!!!!! Another bomb, right center. This is just amazing. Coco Crisp went over the fence into the bullpen trying to catch it, good effort. Giambi, single to right. Nieves, 6–4 FC. (5–2 Yanks)

Bottom fifth: Pedroia, F-9. Lugo, 3–1. Youkilis, F-8, nice sliding catch by Damon. Great work by Pettitte, you want to put a zero on the scoreboard after your team takes the lead. (5–2 Yanks)

Top sixth: Cano, F-8. Melky, 3–1. Two quick outs. Doug needs to work the count a little bit. Doug, 4–2. 4–pitch at bat for Doug. (5–2 Yanks)

Bottom sixth: Ortiz, 3–U. Manny, 4–3. Broken bat almost impailed Pettitte. J.D. Drew, single up the middle. Drew is 3 for 3 and looks like he’d rather be fishing. I hate guys with no emotion. Lowell, 6–4 FC. Pettitte is cruising. He better be out there for the seventh. (5–2 Yanks)

Top seventh: Damon, K. Jeter, 6–3. Great play by Lugo, didn’t think he’d get Jeter. Abreu, K. Good inning for Schilling. (5–2 Yanks)

Bottom seventh: Varitek, single to left center. Crisp, infield single, probably should’ve been an error on A-Rod. Willie Mo Pena (pinch-hitting for Pedroia), K. That’s all she wrote for Pettitte tonight. Proctor is in with two runners on. Lugo, F-9. Youkilis, pop up to third. Pettite’s final line: 6.1 IP, 2 earned runs, 8 hits, 2 walks, 2 K’s, 100 pitches. Great start, and he’s in line for the win. (5–2 Yanks) 

Top eighth: Schilling’s night is done. Be sure to go here and tell him how much he sucks. A-Rod, double down the left field line. Giambi, RBI single to left. Nieves, 5–4 FC. Cano, single high off the monster in left. Exit Romero, enter Kyle Snyder. Melky, K, chased a horrible pitch. Doug, 4–pitch walk. This Boston bullpen is pitiful. Damon, 4–3. (6–2 Yanks)

Bottom eighth: Mike Myers (pictured at right) is in, facing Big Sloppy. Ortiz, double to left center and tripped over second base. Exit Myers, enter Vizcaino (at least I got to use the picture). Manny, walk. Tying run on deck, Gator to the mound. It’s a save situation right now, Mo is warming in the pen. J.D. Drew, 4–3 ground out. Runners move up to second and third. Lowell, RBI single to left, Manny moves to third. Exit Vizcaino, enter Mo. Varitek, RBI single to right. Crisp, two-run triple. Ground ball down the first base line. Alex Cora, RBI single to center. Cora caught trying to steal second. Nieves has an absolute cannon. Lugo, K. Horrible inning for the Yanks, second consecutive blown save for Mo. (7–6 BlowSox)

Top ninth: No Papelbon, he’s pitched two nights in a row. Left-hander Hideki Okajima is in to start the ninth. Jeter, 4–3. Abreu, walk. A-Rod, L-4, humpback liner. Giambi was pinch run for in the eighth, so now we have Kevin Thompson at the plate with 2 out in the top of the ninth. Kay and Flaherty are flipping out because Josh Phelps isn’t pinch hitting here. Thompson, K. I feel physically ill.

On Deck for tomorrow’s game coming later.

Player of the Game: A-Rod.

by Brian on Apr 20 2007