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Score only for this disaster: 15-4.

The Yanks have officially reached the end of the cake portion of their second-half schedule, so it's time to take a look back at my own words during the All Star break:

They're playing the dregs of the league, if they are what we think (hope) they are, every one of these series needs to be a win, and they need to finish the stretch no worse than 19-9. Unfortunately, that might not even be good enough to trim the deficit (Boston would have to go 15-14 over the same stretch for a five-game swing.)
Well, the Yanks finished the stretch 21-8 (if you count the continuation game against Baltimore), in the same period of time, Boston's record was 15-11. They closed the gap in the A.L. East to 5.5 games (pending the final on Boston's game tonight), a swing of 4.5 games. At the break, the Wild Card deficit was 8.5 games. Thanks to Tampa's defeat of Detroit (since the break, the Tigers are a pitiful 11-16), the Yanks have trimmed 8 games off of that deficit. 8 games in less than a month is unbelievable.

So, what do the Yanks need to do from here on out? Well, win series. That's pretty much it. They play a three-game set with the Indians starting Friday (the Indians are a half game ahead of Detroit in the Central, 1 game ahead of the Yanks in the standings), then 3 against Baltimore, followed by 14 consecutive games against playoff teams (8 against Detroit, 3 against the Angels and 3 against the Red Sox).

The bullpen is going to be key over the next month. The Yanks have been bludgeoning teams, but when the level of competition gets better, the scores get closer. They're going to have to manufacture runs and hold on to slim leads. Joba, not too much pressure, but we're gonna need you to come up big.

Letter to the Skipper:

lettertojoe0808.jpgPlayer of The Game: Robinson Cano, 2 for 4, 2 runs, 3 RBIs, 2 home runs.

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by Brian on Aug 9 2007
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