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Mike Mussina is an embarrassment.

It was nice to see Shelley Duncan get his first major league hit and RBI, the only thing that worries me at this point is that there’s a good chance Joe is going to plant him at the end of the bench for a couple of weeks now, just like he did to Edwar Ramirez.

I feel bad for Edwar. Odds are, he’s headed back to Scranton after the first game of the doubleheader tomorrow to make room for DeSalvo on the 25–man roster so he can start the second game. He’s been through some tough times, so I hope he can bounce back from this experience, but let’s take a look at what Joe did to the kid.

July 3rd: Ramirez makes his first appearance against Minnesota. He strikes out the first three batters he faces with a wicked change-up.

July 6th: Ramirez comes into a game the Yankees are winning 9–7 with a runner on second in the sixth inning against the Angels (the team that cut him, twice without explanation). Ramirez walks the first batter, then gives up a sacrifice bunt, strikes out Reggie Willits. He goes 3–2 on Chone Figgins who fouls off a couple of pitches, then bounces a single up the middle. He gets one out in the seventh before being lifted. A tough situation, that he could’ve and maybe should’ve gotten out of without a run scoring.

July 7–20: Ramirez sits on the bench, and never appears in a game. 14 days, no action.

July 20th: Joe calls on Ramirez in the fifth inning with the Yankees already down 5–0 and a runner on second. He cannot find the plate. He faces five batters, walks 4 and gives up a grand slam to Dioner Navarro.

This was not indicative of the kid's talent, I can only hope he gets another shot.

Letter to the Skipper:


Player of The Game: Shelley Duncan, usually getting his first hit wouldn’t warrant player-of-the-game honors, but this game was pitiful so I’m giving it to the kid.

by Brian on Jul 20 2007