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The first four innings saw six balls leave the Stadium tonight, and at the end of the day, the Yanks scored enough to back Kei Igawa, who was putrid, as usual. A-Rod, Matsui and Cano all went deep for the Yanks, but it was Andy Phillips’ bloop single that secured the win. The Yanks have now won 9 of 12, and put a little breathing room between themselves and the Blue Jays.

Igawa went five innings, and while he only gave up three runs, they were a very painful five innings to watch. This guy just does not belong in the majors and Phil Hughes can’t get healthy fast enough to replace him.

Today’s letter to the Skipper:


Player of The Game: Andy Phillips, 1 for 3 with two HUGE RBIs.

by Brian on Jul 16 2007