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Last night's debacle is over. It was ugly, it was disappointing, but it wasn't really unexpected. The Yanks were facing the probable (and definitely deserving) Cy Young winner, in a hostile environment. The Yanks were barely over .500 on the road this year, and he's a lefty.

It was hard to swallow because the Bombers had plenty of chances and Sabathia was not sharp, but it's time to move on. The Indians held home-field advantage through one game, that's it. Tonight, they face a pitcher they beat in August, a righty, and they have their stopper on the hill in Andy Pettitte. There's no need to panic, a win tonight puts the Yanks in perfect position. Let's take a deep breath and get ready to face Carmona.

It's a 5pm start time, I'll be live blogging again, so check back here a few minutes before first pitch.
by Brian on Oct 5 2007
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