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It's late, I'm not quite sure why I sat through that pitiful display of baseball, but I did. I spent most of the night as did the Yankee announcers, sick to my stomach. Michael Kay came right out and said this is an embarrassing sight to behold, a Yankee team that has completely quit.

I'd love to be able to muster some righteous indignation about the Torii Hunter/Pudge scuffle, but there's nothing dignified about this team. If they don't respect themselves, and they don't respect their fans enough to show up for these games down the stretch, then they deserve whatever happens to them out on that field.

Here's a glimpse into the intestinal fortitude, or lack thereof, from our New York Yankees. After Brandon Wood hit a solo bomb to give the Angels a 2-1 lead in the third inning the Yankee hitters had 20 at bats. In those 20 at bats they saw an average of 3.25 pitches per at bat. They managed 1 walk and 2 hits the rest of the way after knocking Garland around for 4 hits in the first two frames. They just gave up.

I hope Dave Eiland is OK, he collapsed in the dugout shortly after the fight.

Carl Pavano can rot.

Player of The Game: null
Team Record: 76-68
Damon: Sucks just like the rest of them.

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by Brian on Sep 9 2008
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