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Bobby Murcer passed away on Saturday. A Yankee through and through, his loss will be felt for years to come. I didn't realize that Murcer played with both Mickey Mantle and Don Mattingly, the only man to do so.

On the field, the Bombers have gone 1-2 in over the past three games, dropping one to Roy Halladay, which seems to be the norm when facing him. The Moose fell victim to the paucity of the Yankee bats, again. Dropping the makeup at Pittsburgh, and earlier on Saturday, the Yankee bats backed Rasner in a big way, leading to a 9-4 win. The Rays in free fall mode, much later than expected. They've dropped six in a row and their lead over the Sox has shrunk to .5 games and the Yanks have a chance to head into the break within 5 games of the division lead.

My move is somewhat complete, there are still boxes to be unpacked and such, but I should be back at full strength tomorrow night. Expect a few words on the battle for center field, Darrell Rasner's spot in the rotation, and more in the coming days.

Team Record: 50-44

by Brian on Jul 13 2008
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