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Well, sitting at my desk trying to get a site to work properly isn't my idea of the best way to enjoy a Yankee day game, but bills need to be paid so here I am.

I'll be updating this post throughout the game, leave your thoughts in the comments. Oh, and I forgot to set my TiVo, so I'm going to need some help with Damon's broken bats. If you witness a broken bat, let me know in the comments.

Here's the lineup, first pitch is 1:05 p.m.

  1. Damon (LF)
  2. Jeter (SS)
  3. Abreu (RF)
  4. Matsui (DH)
  5. Giambi (1B)
  6. Melky (CF)
  7. Cano (2B)
  8. Betemit (3B)
  9. Molina (C)
Moose is on the hill.

The live blog will take place after the jump.
  • Interesting that Molina is catching a day game after a night game. He is in perfect physical condition though, so it shouldn't be a problem.
  • Hold your breath, A-Rod's going for another MRI before he starts his rehab work in Tampa. If all goes well, he could be back on Wednesday, but it's going to depend on that MRI and how his quad feels between now and then.
  • Wow, Suzyn Waldman sure hasn't improved with time. I'm about 2 innings away from switching over to the Indians' radio feed.
Top First
  • Sizemore singles to right on a hanging curve (Suzyn: "Not a terrible curve ball, it was just high and in the middle of the plate").
  • Carroll hits into a FC, Sizemore out at second.
  • Dellucci pops out to center.
  • Peralta down on yakker.
  • No runs, one hit, no errors, one left on.
Bottom First
  • Damon grounds out to short.
  • Jeter flies out to the warning track in right. (Hit the weights)
  • Abreu lines out to center.
  • One, two, three.
Top Second
  • Francisco grounds out to second.
  • Gutierrez taps one back to the Moose, 1-3 on your scorecard.
  • Garko grounds out to second.
  • One, two, three.
Bottom Second
  • Matsui strokes a single to extend his hitting streak to 16 games.
  • Giambi flies out to shallow left (his average is a breath above .150 now)
  • Melky hits into a 6-6-3 double play to end the inning.
  • No runs, one hit, no errors, none left on.
Top Third
  • Mussina starts Blake off with an 83 MPH fastball. How long can the smoke and mirrors last? Blake fouls out to the Giambino for the first out.
  • Shoppach grounds out to third.
  • Sizemore grounds out to second. Moose is cruising.
  • One, two, three.
Bottom Third
  • Cano flies out deeeeep left center.
  • Betemit flies out to right.
  • Molina grounded out to third.
  • One, 2, three.
Top Fourth
  • Carroll grounds out to third.
  • Dellucci K's looking.
  • Peralta flies out to deep right (Abreu avoids being afraid of the wall and makes the catch)
  • 1, two, three.
Bottom Fourth
  • "Positively Damonic!" Leadoff bomb to the short porch in right for Damon. Yankees 1, Indians 0.
  • Jeter lines a single to right. Sterling is hitting his groove, "The Jeterian swing."
  • Abreu bounces into a 4-6-3 double play.
  • Matsui lines a single to center.
  • "The Giambino!" Upper-deck shot down the line in right. Yankees 3, Indians 0.
  • The Melk Man grounds out to short.
  • 3 runs, 4 hits, none left on.
Top (Daily News) Fifth
  • Moose plunks Francisco in the back.
  • Gutierrez singles to right, Francisco moves to third. (3-1 count, Moose is nibbling)
  • Garko pops out to second.
  • Blake doubles over Abreu's head to score 2 runs, Blake moves to third on the throw. Yankees 3, Indians 2. Sterling said the ball went off Abreu's glove, I'm guessing he could've had it but shied away from the wall.
  • Shoppach singles through the left side to drive in Blake. Yankees 3, Indians 3.
  • Sizemore flies out to left. Finally two outs.
  • Carroll strikes out looking.
  • 3 runs, 3 hits, 1 left on.
  • Bad news, Yankee fans: Kei Igawa will be making a start for the Bombers on Friday.
Bottom (Daily News) Fifth
  • Cano doubles down the right field line, barely beating the throw from Gutierrez (who I think is one of the best defensive right fielders in the game, that guy covers so much ground and has an absolute cannon for an arm).
  • Betemit flies out to left, Cano tags and goes to third.
  • Runner on third, one out for Molina. Need to push this run across here...Molina grounds out to a drawn-in Peralta, run does not score.
  • Damon bloops one into left for an RBI double. Yankees 4, Indians 3.
  • Jeter grounds out to short to end the inning.
  • 1 run, 2 hits, 1 left on.
Top Sixth
  • Rock and Rohlendorf in for the Yanks (Mussina goes 5 innings, 3 earned, 86 pitches)
  • Dellucci flies out to left.
  • Peralta strikes out swinging.
  • Francisco flies out to shallow center.
  • One, two, 3.
Bottom Sixth
  • Abreu grounds out to second.
  • Matsui lines out to first.
  • Giambi flies out to deep center.
  • 1,2, three.
Top Seventh
  • Gutierrez singles to center.
  • Garko flies out to left-center. Sterling called it a nice play by Damon.
  • Blake pops out to third, in foul territory.
  • Shoppach flies out to the Melk Man in left-center.
  • 0 runs, 1 hit, 1 left on.
Bottom Seventh
  • Melky flies out to left.
  • "It happens in baseball, a lot." Sterling's brilliant analysis, as usual.
  • "It's Robbie Cano, a dontcha know!!!!" Bomb to right for Cano. Yankees 5, Indians 3.
  • Kobayashi in for Byrd
  • "The Yankees will bet on Betemit!!!" Bomb to straight away center. Yankees 6, Indians 3.
  • Molina strikes out swinging.
  • Damon grounds out to second to end the inning.
  • "By the way, those home runs were back to back and belly to belly." Sterling never disappoints.
  • 2 runs, 2 hits, none left on.
Top Eighth
  • Joba is in. Suzyn thinks this is a brilliant managerial move for Girardi.
  • Sizemore grounds out to Jeter.
  • Carroll pops out to shallow right.
  • Dellucci strikes out on a slider.
  • "What a Job-a by Joba!" You can't stop Sterling.
  • One, 2, 3.
Bottom Eighth
  • Jorge Julio in for the Tribe.
  • Jeter goes down swinging.
  • Abreu walks. (First Yankee walk of the game)
  • Matsui lines into a double play to end the inning. 6-3 if you're scoring at home.
  • 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 left on.
Top Ninth
  • The Sandman has entered
  • Peralta grounds out to short.
  • Francisco doubles down the right field line.
  • Gutierrez pops out to second.
  • Garko grounds out to third.
  • "Ball game over, Yankees win, THAAAAAAAAA Yankees win!" Not quite the excitement I was hoping for out of that from Sterling.
  • 0 runs, 1 hit, 1 left on.
Nice win for the Bombers today, back to .500 on getaway day. Enjoy the rest of your afternoon everyone!

Player of The Game: Johnny Damon
Team Record: 18-18
Damon's Broken Bats: Nada, he's on a cold streak.


by Brian on May 8 2008
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