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162 games later, here we are. The first pitch is scheduled for 6:37 p.m., below you'll see two images, if you click on the images a scorecard will load. I'm going to be updating these scorecards throughout the game. You'll also be able to see the current score on the thumbnails below. After the jump, you'll find the standard live blogging action. As always, leave your thoughts in the comments, sit back, relax and enjoy, Yankee fans. We've earned this.

Yankees Scorecard
Indians Scorecard
Yankees Game 1 Scorecard. Indians Game 1 Scorecard.
Click either image to view the full scorecard.
  • Yes, I realize the game doesn't start for 2 hours, but there's been some news. Doug may be a late scratch from the lineup tonight. If he can't go, will Joe go with Betemit at first? Shelley? Giambi? My money is on Betemit.
  • It looks like Doug will be in the lineup. Here's the story from the Daily News. A Cleveland cameraman "accidentally" tripped and fell on his ankle.
  • Peter Abraham is reporting that is was actually a YES cameraman who fell on Doug's ankle. That's what I get for linking to a Daily News story.
  • Here we go. First pitch is 3 minutes away.
  • Damon hits a bomb down the right field line, called foul. For some reason TNT isn't showing a replay. SHOW THE REPLAY!!!!
  • It's gone. The umps huddled up and got the call right. I think, horrible replay work by TNT.
  • How does the closest ump to the play get that one wrong?
  • The big man is having troubles with command, this is not the team to do that against.
  • Don't let him get out of this with only one run scoring.
  • An early lead is nice, but a 2 or 3 run lead would've been better.
  • Tough at bat for Hafner there. Wang needs to put him away.
  • He was way ahead of Martinez before the single too. He needs to get out of this without a run scoring.
  • Damnit. Tie ball game. Stop the bleeding here.
  • Everything is up in the zone. Deuces wild, put Peralta away and let the O get back to work.
  • F&cking Lofton. That was exactly what Wang couldn't do there. Down 3-1 now in the top of the second.
  • These starters are not long for this game.
  • Cano caught stealing to end the top of the second. I don't have a problem with running him there. Damon now leads off the third.
  • Nice throw by Jorge to cut down Sizemore and end the second. Wang seems to be settling, Sizemore's single came off a nice pitch, and just found a hole.
  • I'd like to see 20+ pitches from Sabathia here. Get him out of there before the sixth.
  • Abreu works another walk, this time he was down 0-2.
  • A-Rod pops out to short. He jumped on a first-pitch fastball after a walk. I like the aggressive move, not the result.
  • The tribe tacks on another run, if Wang doesn't get it together soon, Hughes is going to be in this game, and Mussina will definitely be starting game 4.
  • I can't believe the ball Cano just hit got out. That was a laser. 2 runs is better than three.
  • Wang can't let the Tribe answer right away, keep the momentum.
  • Good inning for the Wanger. Kept the momentum moving the Yanks way.
  • Doug and then the top of the lineup for the Yanks in the fifth. How about one more run here, and about 25 more pitches for CC.
  • Frankenstein pinch hits and ... singles to right. Atta' boy Shelley.
  • I'd be bunting Jeter here with 1st and 2nd, no outs.
  • HUGE double for Abreu. Free pass for A-Rod, make them pay Jorge. Make it hurt!
  • Wow, green light on 3-0 for Jorge. And, he K's.
  • I don't know why, but I have a feeling Matsui is going to come through here.
  • Or maybe not. OK, 4-3, I asked for one run, I got one run. Hold them here, Sabathia is pretty much cooked.
  • F*cking lead-off walks. Two-run bomb for Victor Martinez.
  • That drum guy seems a little slow to me.
  • Double for Peralta, broken bat.
  • I think Lofton is Wang's last batter, no matter what. TBS hasn't shown a single shot of the pen, but I have to think someone is up out there.
  • RBI single up the middle for Lofton. He has 3 two-out RBIs tonight. That's really difference in the game up to this point.
  • Ohlendorf is in. I'm glad it isn't Hughes.
  • Two-run double for Blake. Now I'm concerned.
  • The tribe finally made an out with a runner in scoring position.
  • Rafael Perez is in for the Indians. CC's final line was horrible, but he's in line for the win.
  • I realize this is the worst form of hindsight, but if Shelley was the DH, Cano would've been moved up into Matsui's slot. Cano is 1 for 2 with a HR and a walk. Matsui has left five runners on base already.
  • No matter how it ends, Shelley has had two great at bats. It ends with a K.
  • The ball is flying out of this park. That's the second bomb that I didn't think had a prayer of going out.
  • Double digits for the tribe.
  • Get Veras up, Joe.
  • Another two-out RBI for Lofton, his fourth. 11-3, Tribe.
  • Veras is in.
  • The only good news to this point is that the Indians haven't sent more than 9 batters to the plate in a single inning. That would've messed up my scorecard.
  • I'm a little surprised Perez is out there for a second inning. I hope this burns him for tomorrow's game.
  • F Me. Hughes is in. He probably could still start in game four, rest-wise. But I think Joe is telling us right now that Moose will get that start.
  • Hughes mows down the Indians 1,2,3. Just like he would've done if Joe let him start game 4.
  • The Yanks go silently into the night in the eighth.
  • Opposite-field bomb for Garko. 12-3, Tribe.
  • I'd like to see the Yanks get something going in the 9th here. Something they can build on tomorrow.
This was an ugly game. If I read any headlines about A-Rod choking tomorrow, I'm going to lose it. He's the last guy you can blame for this debacle.

The Good News: None of this matters once the first pitch is thrown tomorrow. Clean slate, and a win tomorrow means the Yanks can clinch by holding home-field advantage.

Player of The Game: Damon, his solo bomb in the top of the first was the high point tonight.

I'll be live blogging again tomorrow night. Don't let this one keep you up tonight, Yankee fans. Tomorrow is another day.
by Brian on Oct 4 2007
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