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Chien-Ming Wang was atrocious in game 1. Flat-out awful. Tonight, he's in the Bronx. His home field. His favorite mound. In front of the best fans in the world. Tonight will be an entirely different story. It's another one-game season, throw out the records, strap on the cleats, and go out there and win. One hour 'til first pitch.

As usual, the score will be updated below, and the live blogging will take place after the jump (you'll find the lineups there as well). Leave your thoughts in the comments and enjoy, Yankee fans. Win and we play Wednesday. Losing is not option.

1. Damon (LF)1. Sizemore (CF)
2. Jeter (SS)2. Cabrera (2B)
3. Abreu (RF)3. Hafner (DH)
4. A-Rod (3B)4. Martinez (1B)
5. Posada (C)5. Peralta (SS)
6. Matsui (DH)6. Lofton (LF)
7. Cano (2B)7. Gutierrez (RF)
8. Melky (CF)8. Blake (3B)
9. Doug (1B)9. Shoppach (C)
  • Eric Wedge is playing Russian Roulette tonight, gambling his season on a strong outing from Paul Byrd. The only logic I can see is he's confident in Byrd or Sabathia winning one of these games, and then he'll have Carmona going in game 1 of the ALCS. Risky, and I hope it bites him in the ass.
  • The Tribe should have their entire pen ready to go tonight, so it's imperative for the Bombers to jump all over Paul Byrd early, before the Rafaels can get into the game.
  • Paul Byrd has a personal catcher, Kelly Shoppach. That takes Garko's bat out of the lineup. I've said before I hate the personal catcher, especially when it means you lose your #5 hitter. Let's hope the weakened lineup gives Wang a couple of easy innings. The bottom three for the Tribe looks very reminiscent of a National League lineup.
  • Chip Caray, "Hey, Paul Byrd isn't exactly chopped liver." As TBS shows a stat on the screen saying Paul Byrd is 0-2 with a 17.59 ERA against the Yanks this year.
  • Here we go!
  • Top First: Not a good start. Lead-off bomb for Sizemore. 1-0, Indians. Cabrera grounds out to first. The sinker doesn't appear to be sinking, early on. Hafner slaps a single down the third base line. He finally took a little bit off his sinker on a 1-1 pitch to Martinez, and got a swing and a miss. (from 96 MPH to 91 MPH). He backed it up with another pitch at that speed and got Martinez to bounce back to the box. Hafner moves to second on the play, two outs for Peralta. The sinker is moving now, and the velocity is up. It looks like he got the feel for it when he started working out of the stretch and took a little off. Son of b!tch. Another broken bat piece of sh!t two out hit by Peralta. Hafner scores. 2-0, Indians. Lofton grounds back to Wang to end the inning.
  • Let's get the momentum back right away. It looked to me like Wang settled after the Hafner at bat. I have a feeling he's going to put some zeros on the board, we need the O to pick him up early.
  • Bottom First: Damon grounds out to short. Jeter smokes a single to right on the first pitch. Abreu singles to right, he got jammed, but it fell in. Good to see the Yanks get a break, for once. Here's the MVP, and the MVP chant. Let's go A-Rod! A-Rod Ks on an 86 MPH fastball. Two on, two out for Jorge. Lofton robs Jorge with a sliding catch to end the inning. Gotta cash those opportunities in, damnit.
  • Top Second: Gutierrez lines a single to center to lead off the inning. Probably a bunt here. Single grounded between short and third by Blake. Nothing you can do about that if you're a ground-ball pitcher. First and second, no one out. This time, they will bunt. Shoppach fouled the ball off, and they gave him first base. Moose is up in the bullpen. B.S. call goes the Indians' way. Shocking. The ball hit right off the barrel of the bat, apparently Bob Brenly is blind as a bat, because he's looking at the same thing as we are and coming to a different conclusion. Bases juiced, no one out with Sizemore up. Oh Jesus, here comes Mussina. Chip Caray is a f*cking moron. I will never mock Mussina again if he gets out of this jam. Sizemore grounds into a double play, Gutierrez scores. 3-0, Indians. Blake is on third with 2 outs, Cabrera at the plate. I have no idea why Cabrera is trying to bunt here. Makes no sense. Another piece of sh!t two out dunker. 4-0, Indians. Hafner swings 3-0. Expect a change from Moose here on 3-1. Hafner walks. First and second, two out for Martinez. Martinez grounds out to second. Great job by Moose there. Two runs scored, but it could've easily been one, and probably should've been more.
  • Lot of game left here.
  • Bottom Second: Catcher's interference, obviously not called. Why does every single call go against the Yanks? Shoppach's glove looks swollen to me. Lead off walk for Matsui. Single up the middle for Cano, got something brewing here. Usually, I would call for bunt, not right now, though. Melky pops out to third. Big at bat here for Doug. First and second, one out. The Yanks got one call back on a check swing that wasn't by Doug. He walks, bases loaded, 1 out. Damon pops out to short. Jeter up, bases loaded, 2 out. Jeter reaches on an infield single, Matsui scores. 4-1, Indians. Bases still loaded, still 2 outs for Abreu. Action in the Tribe pen, they have a rookie lefty up. Abreu flies out to center to end the inning. The first run is always the hardest, we need Moose to hold 'em right here. We aren't done scoring, not by a long shot.
  • Top Third: Peralta walks to lead off, after a questionable ball 2 call. Lofton flies out to center. Gutierrez Ks looking, pretty pitch. Blake Ks swinging. Huge inning for Moose there, plus the Indians didn't clear the pitcher...I mean Shoppach.
  • Bottom Third: A-Rod Ks looking to lead off the third. Posada doubles off 385 sign in right center. Matsui grounds out hard to first. Posada at third, 2 out for Cano. Cano flies out to deep center, he just missed it.
  • Top Fourth: This is unbelievable. Shoppach doubles to left center. Sizemore up with a man on second. He bunted foul on the first pitch, didn't show bunt on the second. Sizemore walks on a 3-2 pitch. First and second, no one out for Cabrera. This will absolutely be a bunt. Cabrera bunts the runners over to second and third. This could be the ball game here. Hafner is getting an intentional walk, it'll be Victor Martinez with the bases loaded and 1 out. Single to left scores 2 more. 6-1, Indians. Peralta grounds into a double play to end the inning.
  • Still a long way to go, but it's tough to stay optimistic right now. The big outs are just not being made by the Yanks, nor are they getting the hits when they need them. They've had a small village on the bases, we're going to see right here if those two runs broke their back.
  • Bottom Fourth: Melky leads it off with a hard single to center. Let's string about 5 hits together here. Peralta chases down a blooper hit into shallow left by Doug. Damon flies out to right. Jeter lines out to third to end the inning.
  • Top Fifth: Lofton flies out to shallow center for the first out of the fifth. Gutierrez flies out to deep right center. Two quick outs. Blake Ks looking. Strong inning for Mussina.
  • Abreu, A-Rod, Posada coming up. It starts now.
  • Bottom Fifth: Abreu grounds out to first. A-Rod singles to left. Posada lines out to second, broken bat. Matsui pops out to short to end the inning. I think Byrd threw about 6 pitches that inning. The lefty Rafael is warming.
  • Top Sixth: Jose Veras is warming. You'd think Joe would skip the garbage and go right to the Viz and Farnsworth at this point. I guess you'd think wrong. Shoppach flies out to right for the first out. Doug makes an amazing play on a grounder in the hole, throws high to Mussina. Sizemore called safe, but he was out. How many calls can go against the Yanks? Cabrera flies out to Cabrera in deep-ish left center. That's all for the Moose, he deserved better. Villone is in to face Hafner with Sizemore on first and two out. This inning should be over right now. According to Caray, the Sox would rather face the Yankees. OK. Hafner flies out to left to end the inning.
  • Bottom Sixth: The crowd is into it, if this were Fenway and the Sox were down 6-1 they'd all be sitting on their hands. Atta boy Robbie! Solo bomb for Cano. 6-2, Indians. Here come the Rafaels. OK, let's keep it going Melky. Shelley is in the on deck circle. Let's go Melky. Ground out to third, one down. Here's Frankenstein. Single up the middle for Shelley. Single for Damon. First and third, one out for Jeter. COME ON CAPTAIN!!!!!!!!!! No. No way did that just happen. 4-6-3 double play for Jeter.
  • Top Seventh: Farnsworth is in for the top of the seventh. Martinez Ks on a nice breaking ball. Peralta singles to left with one out. Lofton hits the ball pretty much as far as he can, flies out to right center in front of the warning track. Two down, man on first, Gutierrez at the dish. Nasty slider get Gutierrez swinging. Solid inning for Farnsworth.
  • That's 3 zeros in a row put up by the Yankee pen. Chip away, fellas.
  • Bottom Seventh: Abreu strikes out to lead off the seventh. ATTA BOY A-ROD!!!!!! Solo shot to left center. 6-3, Indians. I think he might've broken his bat on that, too. Chip away. Chip away. Chip away. Jorge grounds out to third for the second out. Matsui vs. Perez now. Matsui walks. This Rafael is cooked, but Wedge doesn't want to bring a righty in to face Cano. Sh!t. Cano hits a one-hopper to first to end the inning.
  • OK, got one back. Hold them right here. We are not done scoring.
  • Top Eighth: Wow, Veras is in. Joe really has confidence in this kid, I guess. Come on, get through this inning clean. Blake Ks looking on a high slider. Shoppach hits another double to deep center. Unreal. Joe better get someone up. We cannot give up another run here. Mo is warming. Joe is at the mound, but he didn't pull him. Let's see if he changes his mind. Veras intentionally walks Sizemore. Mo will be coming in to face Cabrera. I'll be shocked if we see another Yankee pitcher, no matter how long this game goes. Cabrera breaks his bat and grounds out to second for the second out. Jeter had no chance to turn it. Hafner is up with men on first and third. Holy crap. Jeter just gets Hafner at first on a high bounder. Hafner's arguing something. Jesus, don't turn this call over.
  • Keep chipping away. Melky, Shelley (or Giambi) and Damon. Keep chipping away.
  • Bottom Eighth: Betancourt is in. Melky crushed one to short, Peralta barely hung on and threw him out at first for the first out. Giambi pinch-hitting for Shelley. Giami Ks swinging on a slider in the dirt. Damon is up with no one on, and two out. Damon Ks.
  • One more zero, Mo. We have the heart of the order coming up. One more zero.
  • Top Ninth: Martinez leads off with a single up the middle. Peralta singles softly to right. This is probably going to be a bunt for Lofton, Martinez is as slow as dirt on second, try to get him at third. Wow, he's not bunting. Lofton grounds to Jeter, but hit too softly to turn it. First and third, one out. Keep an eye out for the squeeze here with Gutierrez at the plate. Lofton ran on the first pitch. The pitch was fouled off. Gutierrez Ks on a nasty two-seamer. First and third, two down with Casey Blake at the dish. Johnny Damon just made an amazing running catch to save two runs and end the inning. That's going to set the tone for the bottom of the ninth, it has to.
  • The pen has put 5 zeros on the board, Jeter, Abreu and A-Rod are coming up against Borowski. Let's get this done. You can rest in December. Win. This. Game.
  • Bottom Ninth: Jeter pops out to second to start the ninth. There we go! 2 more! Upper deck bomb for Abreu, what a blast! 6-4, Indians. A-Rod flies out to right. Two outs, Jorge at the plate. We need to get someone on. Posada just missed a bomb down the right field line. Come on. Posada Ks. That's all she wrote.
I'll be back sometime later in the week to wrap up this season. Thanks for all the comments guys, I'm sorry it couldn't have ended better.

Player of The Game: null.
by Brian on Oct 8 2007
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