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I'm finding it hard to come up with the words to describe these horrible performances. The Tigers finished off their sweep of the Yanks using the same formula they used the night before, give up an early lead, fight back and put the Yanks out of their misery in the middle innings. On the bright side, Ian Kennedy almost lasted 5 innings, and no real bullpen arms were harmed in the making of this loss (Albaladejo and Britton sucked up the final 4.1 innings after Kennedy's early shower).

It was painful to watch, in fact, my TiVo erased a couple of the middle innings, or I'm sure it would've been even more painful to watch.

Tomorrow, the Yanks take on Erik Bedard and the Seattle Mariners. Chien-Ming Wang vs. Bedard is one of the better pitching match-ups you'll find, so at least that should be worth watching. Hopefully Shelley will still be in the lineup and Ensberg will be back on the pine in favor of Gonzalez. That's all I can muster tonight.

Player of The Game: Bobby Abreu, 3-run bomb in the first
Team Record: 14-16
Damon's Broken Bats: None that I saw, let me know if he broke one in the middle innings, though. One tonight, 15 on the season.
by Brian on May 2 2008
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