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Coming up with different ways to describe pitiful performances is becoming tiresome. Tonight, the Wanger didn't have it, but again, it didn't really matter. Two runs is all the offense could muster, it all came on one swing of the bat from Matsui.

For me, the highlight of the game was a broken bat grounder to first base by Johnny. It did move a runner to third with only 1 out, but guess what, he was stranded on third. Another memorable moment came when Jason Giambi actually attempted a throw to second, we all know how that ends. On another occasion, he let an off-line throw go through to the plate, even though he had a runner dead to rights at second if he cuts the ball. My guess? He was afraid to cut the ball and make the throw.

Tomorrow is an off day, A-Rod will come back to a last place team sitting at 20-24 on Tuesday. Will his bat in the cleanup spot fix all the problems with this offense? I'd like to say yes, but there's no guarantee that Girardi's musical chairs lineup won't bat him leadoff, and I'm not sure one guy is going to make that much of a difference.

Lick your wounds tomorrow, it's an off day.

Player of The Game: Cano, he made some nice plays at second. That's what we've become at this point, field your position well and you're a lock for player of the game.
Team Record: 20-24
Damon: The one I mentioned above.