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Oh, and the Yankees lose.

If you missed tonight's game, well, you're lucky. I don't feel like talking about anything but the sixth inning and LaTroy Hawkins.

I understand protecting your players. I've spoken up about it time and time again. If they hit your best, you hit their best. I think that's the best way to police bean balls in the American League. That being said, what LaTroy Hawkins did tonight was equal parts embarrassing and silly. Jeter was hit on the hand in the bottom of the third. It hit him flush, and he was hurt. I was pretty sure he broke his hand and/or wrist, but luckily the x-rays came back negative. Daniel Cabrera was not trying to hit Jeter. No way, no how. There isn't even a shadow of a doubt. It was an accident. The O's were up 9-0 and Cabrera came a little bit too far inside on Jeter who was diving into the pitch. It's unfortunate, but there was no intent.

In the top of the sixth, Hawkins first threw at Aubrey Huff and missed, badly. Then Luke Scott came up. With the first pitch, Hawkins tried to hit him and missed, this pitch was at about waist level. With the next pitch he buzzed one right at Scott's face. Scott was able to get out of the way, Hawkins was immediately ejected, the benches and bullpens emptied, no one threw a punch or really even looked menacing other than Scott, who had every right to be livid.

First of all, if you're going to hit someone, hit them. If you miss once, well, you suck. Forget about it and move on. Second, don't throw at the guy's head. Jeter wasn't hit in the head, hit him in the back, or the leg, don't elevate the pitch. Finally, stop acting like punks. I'm not sure if this was about Jeter getting hit, or the team getting its ass handed to it again. You want to take out some frustration, how about striking someone out. Or on the other side of the ball, scoring some f*cking runs.

Things aren't going well in the Bronx right now. That's an understatement, but it's true. I'm getting very tired of the meaningless stuff, like who's hurt, who they didn't trade for and when a certain reliever will become a starter being the focus of the team. Just play baseball and try to act like you really care if you win or lose.

By the way, Hawkins will be the 4th Yankee pitcher suspended for almost hitting a batter in the past two seasons. This time, I agree with it, but I can't name a single pitcher from any other team being suspended for an attempted beaning, can you?

Player of The Game: Morgan Ensberg for having the decency to end it with a double play.
Team Record: 20-25
Damon: Nada. He hit four ropes and came up with one hit.
by Brian on May 21 2008
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