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If you believe the reports, Alex Rodriguez will be signing with the Yanks. It looks like it'll be an incentive-laden 10 year deal worth at least $280 million, and Scott Boras has been involved. The PR moves by the Yanks (discounted deal and no Boras) were probably just window dressing to make Hank and Hal look a little tougher.

MikeLowell.jpgIn an interesting, and somewhat disturbing turn of events, according to this report, the Yanks are also still interested in Mike Lowell. They want Lowell to play first. Tim Dierkes from MLB Trade Rumors seems to think this move would be just as much to take Lowell away from the Sox as it would be to add his bat to the lineup.

Lowell's home/away splits were dismal last year, and moving a gold glove third baseman to first is an interesting move. Honestly, I don't think this one is going to happen unless Hank decides he absolutely has to stick it to Boston right away, which is obviously a possibility.

This brings up an interesting point, one which I jumped the gun on earlier, but is relevant here. The Yanks can sign 4 Type A free agents, because they had 4 Type A free agents declare. So, if they sign Mo, Jorge, and A-Rod, then signing Lowell would use up their allotment and Pettitte would be gone. Here's the rule, thanks again to commenter Scott Brosius Would Make a Good Neighbor for hunting it down.

I think the best-case scenario is the Yanks driving the price up on Lowell, and he eventually signs with the Dodgers. I don't want to have to root for that smug prick (or any other Sox player, for that matter).

OK, Cashman. You seem to have gotten your big bat back, now let's forget about the offense for the time being. You still haven't locked down Rivera, the bullpen is still in shambles, and you're still short a starter by my count. Forget Lowell, and get on the phones.
by Brian on Nov 15 2007
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