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As you could probably tell from last night's post, I'm feeling a little down about the Yankees on-the-field performance so far this season. I realize it's early. I know they won't play this poorly the entire season. I'm sure they'll be in the thick of things come July or August, but still, I need some relief.

What better way to get your mind off the the on-the-field problems than to have an old-fashioned steel cage match pitting the two biggest pinstripe disappointments of the past decade against each other.

After the jump we'll break down the Yankee careers of Kei Igawa and Carl Pavano, click through, check it out and vote in the poll. Maybe we'll send the results to Brian Cashman and the Yankees scouting directors as well.

Age before mullets, Pavano's up first.

Name: Carl Pavano
Birth Date: January 8, 1976
Contract: 4 years, $39.95M
Shining Moment: Missing a spring training start in 2007 to rush his then girlfriend Gia Allemond, to the hospital for an emergency, ahem, gynecological procedure.
Dollars Per Game: $2,105,000.00 
Dollars Per Inning:  $359,236.54
Dollars Per Win:  $7,999,000.00
Dollars Per Strike Out: $666,583.33
Dollars Per Out: $119,745.51
Dollars Per Pitch: $23,471.24
Not Our Problem Anymore: October, 2008
Mitigating Factor: While Pavano may be a grade A useless piece of sh!t, he did at least have the common courtesy to say no when the Yanks asked him to accept a minor league assignment so they could free up a spot on the 40-man roster. He was worried about his MLB service time in relation to his pension. I guess stealing $40M isn't enough financial security for big Carl. We know he doesn't need the money for child support, though.

Name: Kei Igawa
Birth Date: July 13, 1979
Contract: 5 years, $20M + $26,000,194 post
Shining Moment: Tie between shades on the mound and a 3-3 record for Scranton/Wilkes-Barre in AAA this season.
Dollars Per Game: $3,066,679.60
Dollars Per Inning: $650,946.11
Dollars Per Win: $23,000,097.00
Dollars Per Strike Out: $867,928.19
Dollars Per Out: $216,982.04
Dollars Per Pitch: $35,769.98
Not Our Problem Anymore: October, 2011
Mitigating Factor: While the numbers above are truly impressive, Igawa will most likely get several more chances to waste Yankee money and squander their playoff hopes over the next 3+ seasons.

Don't forget to vote below.

Wanger vs. Edwin Jackson tomorrow.
by Brian on May 13 2008
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