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It's over folks. If you don't believe me, just ask the Skipper who said, "We have to win 2 out of 3 in this series," before the series started.

A seven-game deficit is just too much to overcome. If the Yanks were to come back it would have little to do with them and a whole lot to do with the Sox completely folding. It isn't going to happen.

It's easy to look at tonight's abortion of a game and point the finger at the pen. They did come into a 4-2 game and allow the Sox to tack on 7 runs, but it's not their fault. In the past five games the bullpen has racked up over 20 innings of work. When you abuse a pen like that, they break. It was bound to happen, and it will continue to happen until a couple of starters give the Yanks length. This game was very reminiscent of the last game in Anaheim, the bullpen was taxed then as well.

A-Rod was soundly booed last night, and rightly so, but he bounced back tonight. After Ponson dug a hole in the top of the first A-Rod plated a run with a two-out double. He'd add another double later.

Well, Yankee fans, the rest of the season will be about counting broken bats, looking forward, looking back and picking apart Joe Girardi. There are 30 games left for the Yankee front office to come to the same conclusion I have, Girardi must go.

Player of The Game: Pudge. He was 0/4, but only struck out one time. Representative game for the former roid head.
Team Record: 70-62
Damon: UNO!!!


Oh yeah, let's go Phils.