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I have a big problem with people blaming Derek Jeter for any problems the Yankees have. He's one of the few veterans on the team who shows up to play every day, and cares more about winning than cashing his giant paycheck. I have an even bigger problem when Jeter is blamed for the implosion of A-Rod. A-Rod is not cut out for New York. He needs to go to a small market team where he can blissfully shatter every record without having to worry about being booed or appearing in a game that actually means anything. I have the biggest problem with Darryl Strawberry blaming Jeter for A-Rod's problems.

Strawberry could be the poster-boy for unfulfilled potential. He had all the gifts and has no one to blame but himself for squandering them. It's laughable that he points a finger at Jeter and says it's his responsibility to coddle A-Rod, to massage his massive ego. The A-Rod situation is beyond redemption. He's so wrapped up in his own warped mind he can't perform. No amount of hand holding by Jeter is going to change that. I would bet that Jeter has no idea how to deal with A-Rod, the idea that someone with that much talent can wilt under pressure so easily must be completely foreign to him. My advice: Get a new shrink A-Rod, if that doesn't help, ask to be traded to the Royals.

by Brian on Dec 20 2006