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Yanks vs. Royals, Mussina vs. Hochevar.

Here's the Yankee lineup, live blog after the jump:

  1. Damon (LF)
  2. Jeter (SS)
  3. Abreu (RF)
  4. A-Rod (3B)
  5. Matsui (DH)
  6. Giambi (1B)
  7. Cano (2B)
  8. Molina (C)
  9. Melky (CF)
About 20 minutes until first pitch.

  • Top First: DeJesus flies out to deep left. Grudz... grounds out to Jeter. Teahen K's looking. 12 pitches for the Moose.
  • Bottom First: Infield single for Damon. Damon steals second. Jeter pops out to second, bad AB there, you have to move Damon over to third. Abreu flies out to center. A-Rod strikes out looking on a horrible call.
  • Top Second: Cano robs Jose Guillen on a pretty play in the hole. Alex Gordon singles to center. Miguel Olivo singles to right, Gordon to third. Wow, Cano and Jeter team up for a sick double play to end the inning. Buck hit into it.
  • Bottom Second: Matsui grounds out to second. Giambi flies out to deep center. Cano fouls out to Gordon to end the inning.
  • Top Third: Aviles flies out to center. Gathright grounds out to second. DeJesus lines out to right.
  • Bottom Third: Molina grounds out to third. Melky strikes out. Damon flies out to center.
  • Top Fourth: Gruz... K's. Teahen grounds out to first. Cone just called Giambi the dancing bear. Guillen grounds out to short. 8 straight retired by Moose.
  • Bottom Fourth: Jeter grounds out to short. Abreu strikes out on a check swing. A-Rod grounds out hard to third.
  • Top Fifth: Gordon K's looking. Olivo flies out to center. Michael Kay thinks Mussina doesn't sweat, ever. Wow. Moose muscled a fastball up to 90 on a 1-2 count to Buck. Melky runs down a liner in the gap off Buck's bat to end the inning. 11 in a row set down by Moose now. A run or two of support would be greatly appreciated.
  • Bottom Fifth: Matsui grounds out to second. (1 friggin' hit so far, they better not waste this effort from Moose). The Giambino grounds out to first. Cano double to right. Molina strikes out on a hanging yakker.
  • Top Sixth: Aviles singles to lead off. Gathwright bunts him over. DeJesus flies out to shallow center. Grudz... grounds out to second, another pretty play by Cano.
  • Bottom Sixth: Melky grounds out to short. Damon flies out to left. Jeter flies out to the warning track in right.
  • Top Seventh: Teahen grounds out to short. Guillen doubles to center. Gordon flies out to center. Olivo hits a two run dinger to left. (2-0, Royals). Buck singles to left. Aviles doubles to right. Gathright grounds out to third.
  • Bottom Seventh: Abreu doubles to left. A-Rod, two-run dong to left to tie it up. (2-2) Hit the showers, Hochevar. Matsui grounds out to short. Giambo K's. Cano flies out to shallow left.
  • Top Eighth: Moose is still out there, I agree with the move. He's only thrown 81 pitches. DeJesus flies out to left, nice catch by Damon. Grudz grounds out weakly to second. Teahen flies out to deep center. Let's get him a run and the win here.
  • Bottom Eighth: Pinch-hit single for Posada. Melky bunts him over, he was safe at first, but called out. Melky almost got thrown out of the game for firing his helmet into the ground, he probably should've been. Girardi should've been out there arguing, it was a BS call. Damon gets wrung up on a 3-2 check swing. Looks like he went, it would've been nice for the umps to make up for the blown call on the bunt, though. Jeter walks. Yabuta is coming in to face Abreu with men on first and second and two outs. Abreu grounds out to first. Will the Moose come out for the 9th? I'd send him out there, he's earned the chance to win it.
  • Top Ninth: Mo is in, can't really argue with the move. Guillen leads off the ninth with a solo shot to left. (3-2, Royals). Gordon grounds out to second. Olivo strikes out. Buck strikes out.
  • Bottom Ninth: A-Rod, Matsui, Giambo. Need 1 run here guys. Infield single for A-Rod. Matsui flies out to center. Giambi walks. First and second, one out, Robbie Cano at the dish. Cano strikes out swinging. Moeller for the ballgame. Moeller gets hit. Melky grounds out weakly to first to end the game. Cue Liza.
Player of The Game: Moose, he deserved better.
Team Record: 32-32
Damon: Nada.
by Brian on Jun 9 2008
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