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A recap stressing brevity...

  • Ian Kennedy was horrible tonight. I'm not alarmed for two reasons:
    1. His problem was control. Control is his strong suit. He'll be back to painting corners eventually, let's just hope it doesn't take too long.
    2. He was mercilessly squeezed by home plate ump Doug Eddings. Eddings is officially a douche.
  • Hawkins and Farnsworth had a nice battle for worst reliever honors.
  • Hideki Matsui cannot play left field. With Melky serving his reduced two-game suspension tomorrow will be another display of his defensive ineptitude.
  • Jeter got to a ball up the middle that he wouldn't have last year, then booted it. Maybe a good sign?
  • Giving up 13 runs to the Rays isn't as embarrassing as it used to be...
  • Only scoring 4 runs against Andy Sonnanstine, Dan Wheeler, Trever Miller and Scott Dohmann is plenty embarrassing.
  • Joe Girardi taking a sick day with less than one week on the job = unacceptable. Suck it up.
I'll be in attendance tomorrow along with Mike from Green Pinstripes to see the Yanks shake this one off. Pettitte needs to give the Yanks some depth, even with a limited pitch count to work with. One game of 5 innings plus from your pen you can rebound from. Two in a row could become a problem.

Player of The Game: Jonathan Albaladejo. 2.2 innings of clutch work out of the pen early in the game.
Team Record: 2-2
Damon's Broken Bats: 1 tonight, 4 on the season.
by Brian on Apr 5 2008
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