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mattinglymanager.jpgIn a bizarre news day, the Newark Star Ledger reports that Don Mattingly, "Wouldn't feel comfortable," replacing Joe Torre as the Yankees Manager, he doesn't feel ready. The Star Ledger was citing a close friend of Mattingly's as the source for the story.

Mattingly's camp was quick to answer the story. Donnie's agent, Ray Schulte, told ESPN radio that he's absolutely ready, if the Yankees tap him to take over. It's a delicate line to walk for Mattingly, Joe has taken him under his wing, and he doesn't want it to seem like he's gunning for him, or trying to push him out, but this job is why he came back to the Bombers. It was only a matter of time before he took over, that was the plan all along.

If Joe doesn't come back next year, I'll be shocked if it isn't Mattingly who takes over. I know a lot of people are pushing for Joe Girardi, but I can't see Donnie taking a backseat to anyone else, and the organization doesn't want to lose him. The Mattingly camp couldn't let the Star Ledger story hang out there, and they didn't. He wants the job, and if it isn't Joe's, it's going to be his. OK, maybe it wasn't that bizarre.

Meanwhile, the new-look Yankee braintrust is supposedly still huddled in George's dank, Tampa basement deciding the future of Mr. Torre. No comment today on the subject.
by Brian on Oct 16 2007
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