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Peter Abraham of the LoHud Yankees blog has the quintessential Spring Training anecdote on his blog. It involves none other than Carl Pavano who is in camp with the Yankees, "working out." In Pete's own words:

To say Pavano is a pariah is an understatement. He asked one of the clubhouse kids for a small box today to store some things he had in his locker. The kid went over to a garbage pail, fished out an orange Nike shoebox, dumped a half-eated sandwich out of it and handed it to Pavano.

None the wiser, the “American Idle” (as the Post calls him), put it in his locker.

I realize how much the fans hate this guy, but it never occurred to me that he'd get this kind of treatment from the staff. Hilarious.

Make sure you check out the LoHud Yankees Blog, Pete is down in Tampa and posting constantly throughout the day with updates, photos and audio.
by Brian on Feb 16 2008
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