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This was the one piece of the puzzle the Yanks hadn't figured out. The tough, uphill climb, scratch it out any way you can, comeback win. The Yankees trailed this game 1-0, then 3-1, then 5-2. They got something started in the bottom of the eighth with an RBI double off Arthur Rhodes to cut th deficit to 5-3, then they had to face J.J. Putz, the Mariner closer.

Putz was an All Star last season, and probably the most dominant closer in the game. The Yanks scored 3 more runs once Putz came in, took the 6-5 lead, handed the ball over to Mo and never looked back.

It's a big win for the Yanks for a number of reasons. First, Wang did not have it (more on this later), this is the first time all year the Yanks have come back to win after trailing by 3 runs, and this is the first time this year the Yanks have when trailing after 7 innings. This is the Yankee team we've all come to know and love.

An amazing win, but still, there were a few trouble things we have to note. First, what the hell was Girardi thinking sending Wang out there for the 7th? From the get go, Wang didn't have it. He didn't have his sinker, he didn't have his control, he didn't have his slider. He was just bad today. Getting Wang through 6 innings with only 2 runs allowed was a minor miracle. He should've never set foot on the mound in the 7th. Girardi trotted him out there and he gave up two back-breaking runs.

Finally, during the Yankee comeback in the 8th inning, I was ashamed to be a Yankee fan. Not because of the way they played on the field. The team was unbelievable. I was ashamed to be a Yankee fan because the Yanks were in the middle of mounting a rally and the fans in the stands were doing the wave. What the hell? Who are these people? Has Yankee Stadium become so infested with people who know nothing about the game...wait, check that. Has Yankee Stadium become so infested with people who don't care about the game that this is what it's come to? A little part of me died in the 8th inning today, luckily, the team made up for the sad state of its crowd.

Player of The Game: Jose Molina, 2 for 4 with the game winner.
Team Record: 25-25 (.500 again!)
Damon: Nada
by Brian on May 25 2008
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