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Baseball truly is an amazing game. I couldn't begin to tell you how many games I've played in my life, it's over 1,000 for sure. I've watched probably 10 times that many, maybe more. In all of those games, not once have I seen a 4-2-5 double play. Well, I can scratch that one off my list. A-Rod smoked a one-hopper to Brian Roberts at second with the bases loaded and no one out in top of the 11th inning tonight. Roberts converted it into two outs and the game was over.

Yes, Hideki Matsui came through with a clutch two-out single to give the Yanks a momentary lead, but if you were watching the game, and you've been watching LaTrine Hawkins pitch all year, you knew the one-run lead wasn't going to stand up. Going into the bottom of the eleventh I had my fingers crossed that Hawkins would only give up 1 run so the Yanks could get another shot at the plate. It wasn't meant to be though, Hawkins gave up 2 and it would've been more if the Orioles needed more.

Don't read anything into this statement, I don't disagree with the direction the Yanks are taking with Joba, but tonight's game is probably a win if Joba is still in the pen. He would've pitched one or two innings, pushing Mo back further and the Yanks wouldn't have had to resort to Hawkins with the game on the line.

It was fun to watch the balls fly out of Camden Yards for the first 5 innings. The rally in the 11th was fun as well, but there's nothing I hate more than foregone conclusions in extra innings. It reminds me of when Joe Torre brought Jeff Weaver in back in the 2003 World Series against the Marlins. It only took Weaver a couple of pitches to blow that one, which is actually preferable to the way Hawkins blew it tonight.

Pettitte/Joba tomorrow against Guthrie. IPK was hurt during the game, If he's going to miss a start or two, I'm wondering if the Yanks will start Joba and let him go his allotted pitch count, then rely on the pen for the rest of the game, or if we may see another Kei Igawa appearance in the Bronx. I'm not sure which is preferable.

Player of The Game: Damon
Team Record: 25-27
Damon's Broken Bats: Not a one. He was killing the ball tonight.
by Brian on May 28 2008
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